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Seduction Sagas

publisher / verlag: Publishers Consultants, South Laguna (1982)
American Art Enterprises Inc. | North Hollywood CA. (1983)
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1982 - 1983
volumes / bände: 159 (SG-101 (?) - SG-159 {hkn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe



Nummer Autor Titel
SG-101 - -
SG-102 - -
SG-103 Pamela Borcher Sex Awakening
SG-104 - -
SG-105 Sandra Wilson Raw Rubdown
SG-106 Flo Harper Florence, Sex Craver
SG-107 - -
SG-108 - -
SG-109 - -
SG-110 - -
SG-111 - -
SG-112 Carl Benedict Giving For Daddy
SG-113 - -
SG-114 Rhonda Talbert Alley Slut
SG-115 Will Remsen Marina Nymphos
SG-116 Craig Taylor Starlet Seducer
SG-117 Lee Bryan Sunset Strip Producer
SG-118 - -
SG-119 - -
SG-120 Carl Benedict Seducing the Neighbors
SG-121 - -
SG-122 Cassie Selroyn Sex Crazed Orphans
SG-123 Kathy Wendover Kathy's Private Lessons
SG-124 Arnold Meyers Pleasure for Peddy
SG-125 Mark Golden Love Starved Fran
SG-126 Lee Bryan Lust on the Menu
SG-127 Gina Lawrence Paying Off Father
SG-128 Roger Marston Vindictive Sexpot
SG-129 - -
SG-130 Cassie Selroyn Laura's Pivate Survey
SG-131 - -
SG-132 Andrea Myers Two For Entrapment
SG-133 - -
SG-134 - -
SG-135 Kim Michaels Jailhouse Harem
SG-136 - -
SG-137 Baxter Lisali The Luring of Paula
SG-138 - -
SG-139 Webster Danby The Force of Sex
SG-140 - -
SG-141 - -
SG-142 - -
SG-143 Allison Bradford Running Naked
SG-144 Frank Chase Captured Heiress
SG-145 Carl Roberts Stud On Wheels
SG-146 Rodney Stone Ripe for Seduction
SG-147 Carl Crowley The Seductive Surfer
SG-148 - -
SG-149 Don Addison Lewd and Lustful Nurse
SG-150 Barry Chester Sex Boat Charter
SG-151 Bob Thorpe Convention Seducers
SG-152 Roy Conrad Seduced in Swapping
SG-153 Randy Richter Beth's Passion Ride
SG-154 - -
SG-155 Bella Dietrich The Depraved Divorcee
SG-156 Rita Nyquist Wide Open Thighs
SG-157 - -
SG-158 Bruce Flores Sex Test Center
SG-159 Bob Shipman Ready All Ways

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. Some bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.

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