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Illicit Lust Library

publisher / verlag: American Art Enterprises, North Hollywood, CA.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: ca. 1984
volumes / bände: # (1004 - 1063)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe

ILL 1030


Nummer Autor Titel
ILL 1001--
ILL 1002--
ILL 1003--
ILL 1004Lloyd, ShannonRita and kids next door
ILL 1005--
ILL 1006Santi, JerryStarlet's sex success
ILL 1007--
ILL 1008--
ILL 1009--
ILL 1010--
ILL 1011Wilkins, LionelSeducing teen-agers
ILL 1012--
ILL 1013--
ILL 1014--
ILL 1015-Starting them young
ILL 1016-A young mistress
ILL 1017Santi, JerrySally - Sexy Librarian
ILL 1018Milford, RhondaLonely women - young boys
ILL 1019-Willing young chicks
ILL 1020-Seductive co-eds
ILL 1021-Photo nympho
ILL 1022Wilkins, LionelTeenagers and older women
ILL 1023Moore, NedLittle swimmers ectasy
ILL 1024Santi, JerryBabysitter's awakening
ILL 1025--
ILL 1026Wilkens, LionelWomen and teenage studs
ILL 1027Moore, NedOld men and ?
ILL 1028--
ILL 1029--
ILL 1030Wilkens, LionelYoung, Divorced & Hungry
ILL 1031--
ILL 1032--
ILL 1033--
ILL 1034--
ILL 1035--
ILL 1036--
ILL 1037--
ILL 1038Evans, CodyGeneration gap lovers
ILL 1039--
ILL 1040Michaels, SherriSherri's older studs
ILL 1041Stanford, JamesTeacher's special homework
ILL 1042--
ILL 1043Richards, HerbertLaura's sex needs
ILL 1044Michaels, SherriYoung lust fulfilled
ILL 1045Starr, GloriaSex instructions
ILL 1046--
ILL 1047Givens, SandraNo end to lust
ILL 1048Rogers, EdithPlayground prowling
ILL 1049--
ILL 1050--
ILL 1051--
ILL 1052Michaels, SherriYoung/ wild and wanton
ILL 1053Starr, GloriaGraduate course in sex
ILL 1054Rogers, EdithSex Surprises
ILL 1055--
ILL 1056--
ILL 1057--
ILL 1058--
ILL 1059Combs, CarrieLinda makes love
ILL 1060--
ILL 1061--
ILL 1062--
ILL 1063Combs, CarrieBoys in her bedroom

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. A lot of bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.

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