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Chelsea Library Press

publisher / verlag: Manchester Publications, San Diego, CA.
country / land USAx
years / zeitraum: 1973 - 1975
volumes / bände: ca. 160 (CLP 101 - CLP 260)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Porno-Taschenbuchserie


Nummer Autor Titel
CLP 101Clark, Bettythe secretary's pet
CLP 102-school bus driver
CLP 103Fox, Charlesnurse joan's urge
CLP 104-me and billy's mother
CLP 105-a new teacher
CLP 106-mrs. wilson's  secret
CLP 107-the schoolboy's nurse
CLP 108Johnson, Faylove with mother
CLP 109Moore, Janeann's young studs
CLP 110-the roommate's companion
CLP 111Steffen, Charlesall ways with mom
CLP 112Dean, Donthe family urges
CLP 113Bradford, Tedthe classroom party
CLP 114-the virgin swappers
CLP 115-the scout's mother
CLP 116-the new nurse
CLP 117Steffen, Charlesteacher's eager beavers
CLP 118Harris, Johnthe eager baby sitter
CLP 119Clark, Bettya mother's wild desire
CLP 120-teacher's curiosity
CLP 121-lust for her nephew
CLP 122-daddy's wanton daughter
CLP 123-shirley's hidden lust
CLP 124-th part time nurse
CLP 125-beverly's inner urges
CLP 126-mommy's loving son
CLP 127Harris, Johnthe hungry mother
CLP 128De Vries, Conthe introduction
CLP 129-his desirous aunt
CLP 130-the bored housewife
CLP 131Husen, Karl Vanthe abducted honeymooner
CLP 132-the adulterous housewife
CLP 133-blackmailed into sin, vol. 1
CLP 134Slater, Waltera wanton mother
CLP 135Roberts, Allanblackmailed into sin, vol. 2
CLP 136Ruyskind, Johnthe corrupt politician
CLP 137Conroy, Markmiss willoughby's dilemma
CLP 138Peyton, Petera private investigator
CLP 139Drummer, Davidflirting with danger
CLP 140Clinton, Claudea student depraved
CLP 141Husen, Karl Vanpursuit in south america
CLP 142Deacon, Paulthe shameless bride
CLP 143Chase, Frankcaptured heiress
CLP 144Webster, Danforced into damnation
CLP 145Hollander, Allenethe famished swappers
CLP 146-forbidden ecstasies
CLP 147Allison, Brada mother's yearning
CLP 148Bradshaw, Leedemoralized virgin
CLP 149Pendelton, Johnthe sheriff's delight
CLP 150Colombo, Angelothe goddaughter, vol. 1
CLP 151Bourdeaux, Jacquelinethe hostage stewardesses
CLP 152Davis, Julesby sin possessed
CLP 153Jeggers, Markblack captive
CLP 154De Vries, Conthe runaway sisters
CLP 155Colombo, Angelothe goddaughter, vol. 2
CLP 156Davis, Juleswilling to swap
CLP 157-a helpful nurse
CLP 158-the cheated bride
CLP 159-the babysitter's itch
CLP 160Stanton, Janthe ravished girlfriend
CLP 161Riley, Ricthe insatiable urge
CLP 162Paradise, Donnathe photographer's model
CLP 163Brady, Patriciabobbie's eventful vacation
CLP 164Ferguson, Jimsandy's secret desire
CLP 165-aunt linda's revenge
CLP 166-the unwilling wife
CLP 167Rennie, Michaelhungry for sister
CLP 168-the wayward housewife
CLP 169Conway, Robertthe anonymous lover
CLP 170-that compulsive desire
CLP 171-the godmother, vol. 1
CLP 172Ferguson, Jimthe lecherous housewives
CLP 173Pendleton, Johnfemale private detectives
CLP 174Swanson, Danablackmailed into swapping
CLP 175Ferguson, Jimwife without shame
CLP 176Allison, Brada streaker's desire
CLP 177Simmons, Jasonreal estate sales woman
CLP 178-the working housewife
CLP 179Allison, Janea writer's confessions
CLP 180-a neighborly swap
CLP 181-the liberated family
CLP 182Allison, Bradthe coed's torment
CLP 183Colombo, Angelothe godmother, vol. 2
CLP 184Pendleton, Johnan eager teacher
CLP 185Allison, Bradthe door-to-door-saleslady
CLP 186Riley, Rica young boy's dilemma (???)
CLP 187--
CLP 188St. Cyr, Williamthe headmaster
CLP 189--
CLP 190Michaels, Andreaa babysitter's hunger
CLP 191--
CLP 192Henderson, Dona young traveler's vacation
CLP 193Russell, Kathleenex-convent girl liberation
CLP 194"X"trapped in lust
CLP 195--
CLP 196Riley Rica young boy's dilemma (???)
CLP 197Henderson, Donthe nurse's compulsion
CLP 198Conroy, Markastrid's wanton awakening
CLP 199Koch, Thomasmabel's boys
CLP 200Sinclair, Allanallison's perversion
CLP 201Conroy, Markmadge's strange desire
CLP 202Swanson, Danahot-mouthed wife
CLP 203Tucker, Linnthe family affair
CLP 204Lockwood, G. Bennett forced into lust
CLP 205Best, Harrysucking up to teacher
CLP 206Stokes, Richardthe tantalizing teller
CLP 207Weldon, Rexdaughter's dilemma
CLP 208-mother is best
CLP 209Conroy, Markangela's naughty secret
CLP 210Long, Richardeverybody's nurse
CLP 211Best, Harryhot-crotch nurse
CLP 212Murdock, J. P.boy's school teacher
CLP 213-mother's secret passion
CLP 214St. Cyr, Williamthe submissive housewife
CLP 215O'Brien, Timdaddy's sinful peach
CLP 216Fletcher, Darylembarrased housefwife
CLP 217Slidell, Franklucy's lustful ways
CLP 218--
CLP 219Wood, Jaycamper family
CLP 220--
CLP 221--
CLP 222--
CLP 223--
CLP 224Fletcher, Darylmother in chains
CLP 225Lockwood, G. Bennettthe spanking swappers
CLP 226--
CLP 227--
CLP 228--
CLP 229Wood, Jaya country girl's perversion
CLP 230Tucker, Linndaughter's naughty need
CLP 231O'Brien, Timdaddy's tempting twins
CLP 232Durant, Willthe alluring behind
CLP 233Henry, Willdisciplined daughter's boyfriend
CLP 234--
CLP 235O'Brien, Timcruise director's wife
CLP 236Henry, Willthe babysitter's punishment
CLP 237--
CLP 238--
CLP 239Allison, Bradsex school for brides
CLP 240Aldrich, Curtthe blackmailed wife
CLP 241Conroy, Markspanking stepdaughter
CLP 242--
CLP 243--
CLP 244Aldrich, Curtnurse's need for kids
CLP 245--
CLP 246Wood, Jaythe tormented daughter
CLP 247-boy's camp mother
CLP 248Strong, Rodthe savage seducers
CLP 249Douglas, Sandytattling on teacher
CLP 250Lockwood, Bennett G.pet shop lady
CLP 251Lockwood, Bennett G.martha's erotic toys
CLP 252Fletcher, Darylthe raped el operator
CLP 253Aldrich, Curtlust in a winery
CLP 254Tucker, Linnher husband's enemies
CLP 255--
CLP 256--
CLP 257--
CLP 258--
CLP 259--
CLP 260--

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. A lot of bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.

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