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Liverpool Library Press (LLP) - Adult Classic Series (ACS)

publisher / verlag: [various adresses] Tiburon House, Sausalito CA.; Sutton Press, Los Angeles, CA.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: #
volumes / bände: # (101 - 1026, 2001 - 2029) {hkn}
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: umfangreiche Reihe, wechselnde Verlagsangaben, es gab auch eine (hier nicht berücksichtigte) deutschsprachige Ausgabe.

Serie: 00004en#####


Nummer Autor Titel
LLP 101Reskind, JohnAbducted Bride
LLP 102Jensen, PeterThe Blackmailed Wife
LLP 103Grayson, RogerNeighborhood Party
LLP 104Townsend, MarkWhite Captive
LLP 105Jenkins, MaryInnocent in Chicago
LLP 106Ransom, GlenThe Experiment
LLP 107Blake, SamanthaThe Producer's Wife
LLP 108Sifton, JeanThe Underground Model
LLP 109Conway, V.R.The Swedish Maid
LLP 110Conway, V.R.The Broadway Starlet
LLP 111Jenkins, PeterDrugged into Sin
LLP 112Schaffer, JohnHungry Divorcée
LLP 113Grayson, RogerAfternoon in Suburbia
LLP 114Egger, JasonInnocence
LLP 115Tibor, Jean Jacques[The] Loser's Wife
LLP 116Grayson, Roger[The] Friendly Couples
LLP 117Carson, VivianThe Prisoner's Window
LLP 118Bergmann, JulesRape in Berlin
LLP 119Jenkins, PeterThe Reluctant Neighbor
LLP 120Davis, WilliamThe Debauched Divorcée
LLP 121Reskind, JonCountry Teacher
LLP 122Jenkins, MaryInnocent in Chicago, No. 2
LLP 123-The Game Maker
LLP 124McKroy,WinstonInitiation
LLP 125Jenkins, MaryFather's Girl, Vol. I
LLP 126Reskind, JohnUnholy Master
LLP 127Townsend, MarkRape's Riot
LLP 128Dorne, Richard VanRavished Wife
LLP 129Jenkins, MaryFather's Girl, Vol. II
LLP 130Tibor, Jean JacquesNightmare in Istanbul
LLP 131Reskind JonThe Preacher's Wife
LLP 132McElroy, WinstonStag Actress
LLP 133Jurgens, EricNazi Joy Camp
LLP 134Garner, AnnOpium Den
LLP 135-Company Party
LLP 136Smith, GaylordApache Vengeance
LLP 137Vandamere, James E.Wifely Indiscretion
LLP 138Grant, WileyThe Sexortionist
LLP 139Taylor, AnneCountry Girl in Town
LLP 140Phillips, AaronThe Fraternitiy Initiation
LLP 141Vandamere, James E.An Angels Falls
LLP 142Ramsey, MarcusThe Telltale Lens
LLP 143Townsend, MarkOutrage in Smallsville
LLP 144Hemingway, Felix T.Wives of Redfern College
LLP 145Clarion, DouglasScandal on Madison Avenue
LLP 146Jenkins, MaryFather's Girl, Vol. III
LLP 147Grayson, RogerThe Two Way Mirror
LLP 148Kaplin, GordonThe Couples of Tudor Park
LLP 149Phillips, AaronThe Wife Next Door
LLP 150-For Members Only
LLP 151Townsend, RaySlave Revolt
LLP 152-The Insatiable Itch
LLP 153Grayson, RogerThe Senator's Wife, Vol. I.
LLP 154Mahr, AllenThe Adulterous Husband
LLP 155Grayson, RogerThe Senator's Wife, Vol. II.
LLP 156McElroy, WinstonSoldier's Bride, Vol. I.
LLP 157Tabor, AndrewThree for the Widow
LLP 158Vandamere, James E.The Unfaithful Wife
LLP 159Mountbatten, RichardSpell of the Beast
LLP 160Wilkinson, GraceAll in the Family
LLP 161Jensen, PeterA Mother's Love
LLP 162Symonette, ClarenceThe Cock-Tail Maid
LLP 163Wilkinson, GraceAngie Makes Friends
LLP 164Reskin, JonLittle Donnie's Mother, Saga 3
LLP 165Jenkins, MaryCathy and te Salesmen
LLP 166Jaeggers, MichaelThe Spread Eagles
LLP 167Roberts, GrantThe Reluctant Couple
LLP 168Williams, AgnesPlayhouse for the Swingers
LLP 169Reskin, JonSir Launcelot (Vol. I), Saga 4
LLP 170-Soldier's Bride, Vol. II.
LLP 171Jaeggers, MichaelHoneymoon Hotel
LLP 172Reskin, JonSir Launcelot (Vol. II), Saga 5
LLP 173Williams, AgnesThe Younger Sister
LLP 174-The Unholy Clan
LLP 175Reskin, JonThe Parksburg Finale, Saga 6
LLP 176Roberts, GrantCamp for Swingers
LLP 177Wilkinson, GraceThe Family Circle
LLP 178Restinoff, PhillipFriends and Neighbors
LLP 179Mahr, AllenThe Hungry Bride
LLP 180Grayson, RogerMrs. Parker's Childish Compulsion
LLP 181Jensen, PeterThree's a Sandwich
LLP 182Wilson, CaroleMother and Daughter
LLP 183Evans, SamuelStolen Bride
LLP 184Jenkins, MaryThe Daddy of the Tribe
LLP 185Reagan, J. PhilipThe Carpenter
LLP 186Hornby, AlanThe Housewife's Revenge
LLP 187Robard, JacksonThe Pendulum Initiation
LLP 188Ryder, CliftonLittle Boy Lover
LLP 189Simmons, BlakeLike Mother, Like Son
LLP 190Wheatfield, JamesA Deceitful Wife
LLP 191Watson, ElizabethThe Teacher's pet
LLP 192Marcus, Carl VanHer Brothers Two
LLP 193Wilkinson, GraceThre's a Family
LLP 194Simmons, BlakeThe Daughter in Law, Vol. 1
LLP 195Roberts, GrantThe Naked Circle
LLP 196Robard, JacksonA Girl's Best Friend, Book 1
LLP 197Jensen, PeterMama's Boy
LLP 198-The Beauty Queen
LLP 199-Family Love
LLP 200Robard, JacksonA Girl's Best Friend, Book 2
LLP 201Davis, WilliamThe Polaroid Club, Vol. 1
LLP 202Simmons, BlakeThe Daughter in Law, Vol. 2
LLP 203Davis, WilliamThe Polaroid Club, Vol. 2
LLP 204Marcus, Carl VanHoneymoon in Denmark
LLP 205Wilkinson, GraceAunt Dorothy, Book 1
LLP 206Reskind, JonThe Stepson
LLP 207James, MartinThe Libertine
LLP 208Williams, ClareYoung Champ's Mother
LLP 209Reskind, JonWalo's Mistress
LLP 210McElroy, WinstonGang Initiation
LLP 211Wilkinson, GraceAunt Dorothy, Book 2
LLP 212Marlowe, AstonRajah
LLP 213Simmons, BlakeWife for Wife
LLP 214Williams, ClareWife and Friends
LLP 215Wilkinson, GraceMiss Jonah
LLP 216Robard, JacksonPlayful Neighbors
LLP 217Ryder, CliftonNature's Child
LLP 218Jensen, PeterThe Blackmailed Mother, Book. I
LLP 219Wilkinson, GraceThe Son's Girl Friend
LLP 220Jensen, PeterThe Blackmailed Mother, Book. II
LLP 221Hemmingway, F[elix] T.Jounrey to Sodom
LLP 222Jackson, FayeDaddy's Girl
LLP 223Courtney, Eric The Married Sister [AKA Silk Panties]
LLP 224Wilkinson, GraceA Family Diary
LLP 225Robard, JacksonLittle Boys Only
LLP 226Marcus, Carl VanThe Reluctant Swinger
LLP 227Wilson, CaroleKaren and Mother
LLP 228Woodward, CarlThe New Recruit
LLP 229Robard, JacksonThe Lecherous Woman
LLP 230Jaegger, MichaelThe Bellboy
LLP 231Jensen, PeterMother's Little Helper
LLP 232Marcus, Carl VanThe Kidnapped Virgin
LLP 233Robard, JacksonThe School Nurse
LLP 234Wilson, CaroleThe Loving Grand Daughter
LLP 235Streete, EvelynThe Sandwich Party
LLP 236Williams, ClareThe Owner's Wife
LLP 237Wilkinson, GraceThe Family Reunion Book I
LLP 238Wolfe, RodgerThe Betrayed Housewife
LLP 239Reskind, Jon [John]Kappy, Son of Kaptain, Vol. 1
LLP 240Jannssen, RickYoung Widow Brown
LLP 241Jensen, PeterHer Mother's Child
LLP 242Taylor, PhillipThe Unwilling Couple
LLP 243Wilson, CaroleFamily Life
LLP 244Watson, ElizabethTeacher's Reward
LLP 245Sutton, JaniceBoys for Sale
LLP 246Hemmingway, F.T.The Kidnapped Couple
LLP 247Wilkinson, GraceThe Family Reunion Book II
LLP 248Jensen, PeterFather and Son
LLP 249Streete, EvelynStag-Movie Starlet
LLP 250Carpenter, PhillipThe Hungry Young Widow
LLP 251Marsh, VivianThe Girlfriend's Mother
LLP 252Johnson, ColinThe Panty Salesman
LLP 253Reskind, JonKappy, Son of Kaptain, Vol. 2
LLP 254Caldwell, VanceYoung Girl Bride
LLP 255Robard, JacksonThe Den Mother
LLP 256Jaegger, MichaelThe Navy Wife
LLP 257Kaine, MyraLesson for Teacher
LLP 258Pritchard, StanleyA Mother Possessed
LLP 259Morse, CharltonThe Abducted Family
LLP 260Graham, CarlottaThe Animal Urge
LLP 261Streete, EvelynNaked Revenge
LLP 262Kaine, MyraTeacher's Lunch
LLP 263Watson, ElizabethThe French Governess
LLP 264Reskind, JonThe Abducted Wife
LLP 265Courtney, BruceThe Incestuous Family
LLP 266Johnson, ColinThe Panty Lovers
LLP 267Baxter, PhyllisHot for Teacher
LLP 268Rozelle, BertrandHome Movie
LLP 269Collins, TaylorFarm for Little Boys
LLP 270Hemmingway, F.T.The Trucker's Wife
LLP 271King, CarolynMother's Friends
LLP 272Reskind, JonCaesar Comes, Book 1
LLP 273Wilson, CaroleThe Friendly Uncle
LLP 274Reskind, JonCaesar Revenge, Book 2
LLP 275McElroy, WinstonRent's Due
LLP 276Reskind, JonCaesar Conquers, Book 3
LLP 277Jensen, PeterThe Curious Daughter
LLP 278Hemmingway, F.T.The Captive Newlyweds
LLP 279Grayson, GildaThe Exhibitionist's Wife
LLP 280Robard, JacksonBoy Scout Mother
LLP 281Reskind, JonThe Teachers Two
LLP 282Powers, CynthiaThe Unwilling Guest
LLP 283King, CarolynThe Conniving Daughter
LLP 284Jackson, FayeWicked Nurse
LLP 285Heller, N. VanThe Panty Teaser
LLP 286-Captive Virgin
LLP 287Masters, SylviaFamily Fun
LLP 288-Apple for Teacher
LLP 289Jensen, PeterCaught in the Act
LLP 290Reskind, JonThe Neighborhood Pet
LLP 291Graham, CarlottaRecess Time
LLP 292Nillson, GregThe Inquisite Daughter
LLP 293Wilkenson, GraceThe Family Party
LLP 294Jackson, FayeNurse Jill
LLP 295Watson, ElizabethThe School Library
LLP 296-The Boy Seducers
LLP 297-Mrs. Winston's Panties
LLP 298Simmons, BlakeA Strange Appetite
LLP 299-Play Ball with Teacher
LLP 300McElroy, WinstonThe Honemoon Couple
LLP 301Watson,  ElizabethThe Candy Store
LLP 302Jensen, PeterThe Doctor's Office
LLP 303Craymore, RoyThe Hungry Sister
LLP 304Watson,  ElizabethA+ from Teacher
LLP 305Breckenridge, JewelDaddy's Little Girls
LLP 306Heller, N. VanA Panty Compulsion
LLP 307Knickerbocker, GrahamThe Restless Socialite
LLP 308Jackson, FayeThe Curious School Nurse
LLP 309Marcus, Carl Van-The Reluctant Bride
LLP 310King, CarolynA Willing Daughter
LLP 311Wilson, CaroleYoung Aunt Mary
LLP 312Eggers, JasonThe Police Girl
LLP 313-Aunt Amy's House
LLP 314Dorne, R. VanDaddy's Revenge
LLP 315Robard, JacksonNurse's Weakness
LLP 316Wilkinson, GraceA Family Sandwich
LLP 317Collins, LawsonMarilyn's Dog
LLP 318Lawson, SandraA Helpful Brother
LLP 319Devers, BettinaThe Lieutenant's Wife
LLP 320Collier, BentonThe Hotel Pet
LLP 321Jannsen, RickMother's Bed
LLP 322Flynn, BetteA Childish Passion
LLP 323Vandermere, James E.The Adulterous Wife
LLP 324Reskind, JonGood Old Shep
LLP 325Sifton, JeanThe Peeking Sister
LLP 326Marcus, Carl VanCamping Trip
LLP 327Winkler, Millie VanThe Seductress
LLP 328Townsend, MarkThe Teen Age Teaser
LLP 329Collins, LawsonThe Loving Protector
LLP 330Chase, AllanThe Tormented Widow
LLP 331Mountbatten, RichardDebbie and Friend
LLP 332Jenkins, MaryA Jealous Daughter
LLP 333Ryder, CliftonThe Tour Guide
LLP 334Daniels, GeorgiaThe Disilluioned Virgin
LLP 335Ryder, CliftonThe Lady Preacher
LLP 336Jensen, PeterThe Captive Bride
LLP 337Carpenter, PhillipThe Dentist's Helper
LLP 338Blake, SamanthaA Widow's Delight
LLP 339Jensen, PeterLoving Father
LLP 340Reskind, JonThe Female Trucker
LLP 341Robard, JasonThe Lady Salsman
LLP 342Fargo, JohnnyA Curious Pet
LLP 343Benson, ValerisA Lesson for Linda
LLP 344Baxter, PhyllisAn F from Teacher-
LLP 345Graham, AlbertaThe Twins and Mother, Book 1
LLP 346Graham, AlbertaThe Twins and Teacher, Book 2
LLP 347Winkler Millie VanThe Timid Divorce
LLP 348Marcus, Carl VanThe Motorcyclist's Wife
LLP 349Mellows, SuzanneThe Sex-Ray
LLP 350Newcombe, HilliaryA Step-Father's Trade
LLP 351Wood, GloriaMother's Cousin
LLP 352Reskind, JonThe Foolish Virgin
LLP 353Jaeggers, MichaelThe Naked Hostages
LLP 354Wilkinson, GraceThe Eager Innocents
LLP 355Maloney, AndrewThe Divorce Photographs
LLP 356Tatem, CarlDaughter's Little Friend
LLP 357Mellows, SuzanneA Mating Game
LLP 358Sinclair, TracyThe Naive Guest
LLP 359Dunbar, PaulaA Woman's Need
LLP 360Adams, CarltonThe Confession Writer
LLP 361Gray, JonathanA Very Private Club
LLP 362Townsend, MarkBoss's Order
LLP 363-Little Brother-In-Law
LLP 364Ziegler, KarenThe Home-Ec Teacher
LLP 365-The Jealous Mother
LLP 366Mann, Geoffrey W.The Senator's Secretary
LLP 367Tracy, Warren 'Doc'The Bank Hostages
LLP 368Jensen, PeterAnn's Busy Night
LLP 369-A Vacation Alone
LLP 370McElroy, WinstonWeekend with the Boss
LLP 371Reskind, JonA Prisoner's Wife
LLP 372-The Betrayed Sister
LLP 373Jenkins, MaryA Mother's Forbidden Passion
LLP 374-The Teasing Wife
LLP 375-Too Naive to Be True
LLP 376Kaine, MyraThe Abandoned Housewife
LLP 377Jenkins, LarryThe Dormitory Scandal
LLP 378Robbins, JustinA Sucker for Losers
LLP 379Reskind, JonHousewife for Sale
LLP 380Stanley, Felice O.A Teacher's Vacation
LLP 381Ramsey, PaulToo Much Desire
LLP 382Marcus, Carl VanAn Interrupted Vacation
LLP 383Franklyn, MiloThe Adulterous Encounter
LLP 384Taylor, AnneThe Bride's Little Sister
LLP 385Kaplin, GordonA Family Holiday
LLP 386Hemmingway, F.T.A Teacher's Lust
LLP 387Kaplin, GordonThe Passionate Cousins
LLP 388Malloy, FrankThe Tmid Swingers
LLP 389Markser, ChasenThe Subjugated Virgin
LLP 390Lesage, JeanJackie Learns a Lesson
LLP 391-Big Sis and Little Brother
LLP 392Monday, BillieA Housewife's Playmates
LLP 393Jensen, PeterA Teen-Aged Divorcée
LLP 394Jenkins, MaryMother Knows Best
LLP 395Collier, BentonCorrupted Innocence
LLP 396Craymore, RodA Teen-Aged Houseguest
LLP 397Robbins, JustinA Passionate Family
LLP 398Grant, EdmundAn Eager Beaver
LLP 399Torman, MarkThe Playful Doctor
LLP 400Jackson, FayeMother's Little Game
LLP 401Ziegler, KarenComforting Billy
LLP 402-The Married Secretary
LLP 403-A Wanton Young Niece
LLP 404Roberts, GrantThe Company Wife
LLP 405Blake, SamanthaLittle Brother's Reward
LLP 406Graham, CarlottaAn Aunt's Special Love
LLP 407Marcus, Carl VanThe Unwilling Wife
LLP 408Shaeffer, JohnThe Neighborhood Scandal
LLP 409Wilkinson, GraceTeacher's Lesson
LLP 410-Daddy's Little Teaser
LLP 411-A Sensusal Family Book One
LLP 412Monday, BillieThe Impatient Widow
LLP 413Bestor, ClaudeAn Indiscreet Woman
LLP 414Marsh, VivianRecruited for Sin
LLP 415-A Sensusal Family Book One
LLP 416Laughton, FrederickBookstore for Boys
LLP 417Malone, CandyA. Teasing Wife
LLP 418Reynolds, PollyDr. Nancy: Boy's Specialist
LLP 419Jannsen, RickA Mother's Dare
LLP 420Simmons, BlakeThe Neighborhood Bed
LLP 421--
LLP 422Marlowe, AstonThe Hungry Bride
LLP 423Sinatra, ArnoldA Passionate Daughter
LLP 424Winterhalter, MarkUnwilling to Swap
LLP 425Collier, BentonThe Unseen Audience
LLP 426Nickolas, ClaireThe Inquisite Bride
LLP 427Robard, JacksonLittle Sister's Ordeal
LLP 428Wainwright, Miller W.A Brother's Surprise
LLP 429Wilkinson [Wilkenson], GraceThe Late Late Family Show
LLP 430--
LLP 431Greer, KellyWhile Husbands Work
LLP 432--
LLP 433Reskind, JonInterrupted Honeymon
LLP 434Vandemere, JamesVacation from Marriage
LLP 435Jessup, LonnieThe Tempted Wife
LLP 436Eggers, JasonThe Ruinaway Wives
LLP 437Jenkins, MaryThe Wild Urge
LLP 438Morgan, FriarA Plundered Innocence
LLP 439Mailer, ThorntonA Lecherous Father-In-Law
LLP 440Dunbar, PaulaAunt Cathy's Erotic Dreams
LLP 440Hamilton, Linda Little Boy Sandwich {???}
LLP 441Savage, AndrewA Widow's Teenaged Friend
LLP 442Bowie, JamesAn Uncertain Wife
LLP 443Jensen, PeterPlumber's Little Helper
LLP 444Cranston, BarbaraUncle Tim
LLP 445--
LLP 446Jensen, PeterAn Adolescent Desire
LLP 447Greenberg, WandaAudience Participation
LLP 448--
LLP 449Christanson, BellaAn Interesting Proposition
LLP 450Jenkins, MarySister's Dilemma
LLP 451--
LLP 452Reskind, JonFor Husband's Sake
LLP 453--
LLP 454Leewright, CoraA Foolish Teenager
LLP 455Desmond, RobertDaddy's Terrible Temptation
LLP 456--
LLP 457Harris, Jennie LeighA Young Wife's Revenge
LLP 458Savage, MorganTruck Stop Virgin
LLP 459Winkler, Millie VanHousewives for Hire
LLP 460Wilkinson, GraceLittle Freddie's Mother
LLP 461Jackson, FayeFamily Dreams
LLP 462Dorne, R. VanFarm Girl's Delight
LLP 463--
LLP 464Morgan, BartTied Down and Stripped
LLP 465Jannsen, RickMotherly Intuition
LLP 466Rheingold, PeterThe Doctor Cometh
LLP 467Marcus, Carl VanThe Watching Husband
LLP 468--
LLP 469Wilson, CaroleAunt Donna's Awakening
LLP 470Jensen, PeterA Salacious Woman
LLP 471--
LLP 472Reskind, JonThe Animal Sister
LLP 473Baxter, PhyllisTwo Lecherous Women
LLP 474Jensen, GraceLearning from Sister
LLP 475Sifton, JeanNurse Wilson
LLP 476Reskind, JonThe Devil in Aunt Lisa
LLP 477--
LLP 478--
LLP 479--
LLP 480Reskind, JonMama Carol
LLP 481Whitney, BarbaraA Grandfather's Pleasure
LLP 482Simmons, BlakePrisoner of Desire
LLP 483Jensen, PeterBlack Mother
LLP 484--
LLP 485Jannsen, RickAn Incestuous Visit
LLP 486Holmes, KarenA Family Lesson
LLP 487Harriman, RichardA Woman Possessed
LLP 488Jannsen, RickIn Mother's Hands
LLP 489Caldwell, VanceThe Reluctant Starlet
LLP 490Reskind, JonThe Stewardess and Sergeant
LLP 491Caldwell, JoanneA Forgiving Teacher
LLP 492--
LLP 493Dorne, R. VanThe Lonely Divorcées
LLP 494Grayson, NancyThe Preacher's Daughter
LLP 495Conway, V.R.A Willing Student
LLP 496Reskind, JonDoctor Mary
LLP 497Crawford, RebeccaBlack Wife, White Lover
LLP 498Robard, JacksonA Mother'ss Yearning
LLP 499--
LLP 500Reskind, JonThe Animal Family
LLP 501Graham, CarlottaMother Helps Teacher
LLP 502-Hubby Likes to Watch
LLP 503--
LLP 504Jackson, FayeThe Family Enterprise
LLP 505Grayson, NancyThe Widow and Farm Boy
LLP 506Jannsen, RickLittle Girl Lover
LLP 507--
LLP 508Caldwell, VanceBoy Scout Night
LLP 509Graham, CarlottaGoat Girl
LLP 510Carter, SusanThe Kid Nappers
LLP 511Baxter, PhyllisA Loving Family
LLP 512Roberts, GrantA Helpless Woman
LLP 513Jenkins, MaryThe Library Teacher
LLP 514Mellows, SuzanneLittle Miss Pussycat
LLP 515Hemmingway, FelixThe Happy Couples
LLP 516--
LLP 517Watson, ElizabethPony Girl
LLP 518--
LLP 519Jensen, PeterThe Doctor's Wives
LLP 520Grayson, NancySchool Lunch
LLP 521--
LLP 522--
LLP 523Spencer, KittyA Vacationing Wife
LLP 524Wilkinson, GraceA Family Room
LLP 525Roberts, GrantThe Virgin Swingers
LLP 526--
LLP 527Robard, JacksonA Naughty Wife
LLP 528Graham, CarlottaAn Animal Graze
LLP 529Robard, VanessaAn Incestuous Evening
LLP 530Sifton, JeanA Sensual Lesson
LLP 531Reskind JonDad's Girlfriend
LLP 532Caldwell, VanceRunaway Wife
LLP 533Reskind, JonSheep Girl
LLP 534Jackson, BilliePictures of Mom
LLP 535--
LLP 536--
LLP 537--
LLP 538Garbetta, CandiceA Private Nurse
LLP 539Reskind, JonLittle Eddie's Mother
LLP 540Jannsen, RickDaddy Swappers
LLP 541McElroy, WinstonWife for Rent
LLP 542Marcus, C. VanThe Wife's Twin Sister
LLP 543Wilson, CaroleKathy's Mother
LLP 544Dorne, R. VanThe Captured Heiress
LLP 545Fitzgerald, RogerThe Schem-Ing Wives
LLP 546Graham, CarlottaIvan's Mistress
LLP 547Ziegler, KarenThe Incestuous Circle
LLP 548Carter, SusanA Loving Father-In-Law
LLP 549Wilkinson, GraceConnie Loves Virgins
LLP 550--
LLP 551--
LLP 552--
LLP 553Jensen, PeterA Husband's Hobby
LLP 554Graham, CarlottaTeacher's Animal Initiation
LLP 555--
LLP 556-A Little Lolita
LLP 557Jannsen, RickASensuous Teaser
LLP 558Caldwell, VanceA Ravished Maiden
LLP 559Graham, CarlottaAn Animal Thressome
LLP 560--
LLP 561Jackson, FayeThe Widow's Children
LLP 562Davis, MarianAn Animal Summer
LLP 563Morgan, BartStripped Tenager
LLP 564--
LLP 565Jenkins, MaryFrench Lesson Time
LLP 566Jensen, PeterThe Doorman's Revenge
LLP 567Hamilton, LindaA Virgin Eight
LLP 568Reskind, JonThe Devil's Dog
LLP 569--
LLP 570--
LLP 571Carter, PeggyAbducted in Africa
LLP 572Savage, MorganImprisoned Wife
LLP 573Graham, CarlottaSummer Camp Pet
LLP 574Jensen, PeterGirl in the Shed
LLP 575--
LLP 576Baxter, PhyllisThe Virgin's Lesson
LLP 577--
LLP 578Jannsen, RickVirgin Boys
LLP 579Jenkins, MaryLittle Girl Captive
LLP 580--
LLP 581Jensen, PeterA Wife Alone
LLP 582--
LLP 583Sifton, JeanTurning Hubbie on
LLP 584Jackson, FayeMother's Vocation
LLP 585--
LLP 586James, KarenA Sensuous Nurse
LLP 587-Wildfire Woman
LLP 588Wilson, CaroleMother's Childish Malady
LLP 589Jensen, PeterAnimal Show
LLP 590--
LLP 591Sifton, JeanThree Hungry Girls
LLP 592--
LLP 593--
LLP 594Kane, AllisonFor Couples Only
LLP 595Wolfe, RogerTortured Beauty
LLP 596--
LLP 597Robard, JacksonLady Jacqueline
LLP 598--
LLP 599Watson, ElizabethThe Animal Party
LLP 600--
LLP 601--
LLP 602Wilkinson, GraceA Teenie Tease
LLP 603Jackson, FayeThe Nurse's Lesson
LLP 604--
LLP 605Benson, ValerieThe Country Swappers
LLP 606Graham, CarlottaCandy's Pet
LLP 607--
LLP 608--
LLP 609--
LLP 610Simmons, BlakeTortured Actress
LLP 611--
LLP 612--
LLP 613Robard, JasonSchoolgirl Rape
LLP 614Spencer, KittyHow to Blackmail Teacher
LLP 615--
LLP 616--
LLP 617Jensen, PeterDanielle's Revenge
LLP 618--
LLP 619--
LLP 620--
LLP 621--
LLP 622Jenkins, MaryIn Teacher's Bedroom
LLP 623Jackson, FayeJenny's Little Brother
LLP 624Graham, CarlottaThe Belly Dancer's Pet
LLP 625--
LLP 626--
LLP 627Speer, HelmutThe Crack of the Lash-
LLP 628Holmes, ShirleyThe Police Lady
LLP 629--
LLP 630Jackson, FayeThe Oriental Farm Girl
LLP 631Wilson, CaroleSweet Eleven
LLP 632Wilkinson, GraceThe Teacher's Boys
LLP 633Townsend, MarkHubby's Best Friend
LLP 634--
LLP 635--
LLP 636--
LLP 637Jackson, FayeHoney Suckle
LLP 638Wolfe, RogerThe Panties in the Family
LLP 639--
LLP 640-Little Sister's Pet
LLP 641--
LLP 642--
LLP 643--
LLP 644--
LLP 645Upton, JonGeisha Girl
LLP 646--
LLP 647Wilkinson, GraceThe Family Room
LLP 648--
LLP 649--
LLP 650Watson, ElizabethRevenge on Teacher
LLP 651Evans, DanielA Foursome Frolic
LLP 652Jackson, FayeThe Nurse's Coach
LLP 653Townsend, MarkA Screaming Mistress
LLP 654Robard, JacksonA Ravished Couple
LLP 655Mellows, SuzanneLesson from Doctor
LLP 656Wilkinson, GraceA Family Perversion
LLP 657Watson, ElizabethTeacher's Party
LLP 658Graham, RobertaDark Passion
LLP 659Sifton, JeanTeacher's Back Room
LLP 660Jackson, FayeRunaway Girl
LLP 661Synder, CliftonThe Salacious Divorcée
LLP 662--
LLP 663--
LLP 664Watson, ElizabethAn Animal Afternoon
LLP 665--
LLP 666-A Brother's Lust
LLP 667--
LLP 668--
LLP 669--
LLP 670Evans, DanielA Runaway Wife
LLP 671--
LLP 672--
LLP 673Evans, DanielA Wifely Prostitute
LLP 674--
LLP 675--
LLP 676--
LLP 677Taylor, AnneThe Teachers's Family
LLP 678--
LLP 679--
LLP 680Wilkinson, GraceA Special Party
LLP 681--
LLP 682--
LLP 683Graham, CarlottaKinky Evening
LLP 684--
LLP 685--
LLP 686Wolfe, RogerDark Lover
LLP 687--
LLP 688--
LLP 689--
LLP 690--
LLP 691--
LLP 692--
LLP 693--
LLP 694--
LLP 695--
LLP 696Wilson, CarolA Family Outing
LLP 697Jackson, FayeAn Innocent Wife
LLP 698--
LLP 699--
LLP 700--
LLP 701--
LLP 702--
LLP 703Wilkinson, GraceThe Naught Virgin
LLP 704Jackson, FayeThe Widow's Brother
LLP 705--
LLP 706Evans, DanielA Virgin's Desire
LLP 707Robard, JacksonGrocery Money
LLP 708--
LLP 709--
LLP 710Wilkinson, GraceA Swinging Swap
LLP 711Douglas, ByronThe Shocking Swap
LLP 712Wolfe, RogerTaming Tammy
LLP 713--
LLP 714Wilkinson, GraceThe Wicked Neighbors
LLP 715Townsend, MarkGinny's Swinging Cousin
LLP 716Taylor, AnneA Devilish Daughter
LLP 717Austin, CharlesNo Panties Tonight
LLP 718Jackson, EliseMrs. Davis' Darlings
LLP 719--
LLP 720--
LLP 721Chase, PalmerHell's Angel
LLP 722Jackson, EliseCountry Divorcée
LLP 723Wolfe, RogerMs. Logan's Lesson
LLP 724Austin, CharlesThe Intimate Hotel
LLP 725Vaughn, Norman T.The Wife's Itch
LLP 726Wilson, CaroleThe Family Vacation
LLP 727--
LLP 728Derne, YvetteThe Famished Divorcée
LLP 729Ringer, RandolphA Modern Bride
LLP 730--
LLP 731George, ElvisGang Fun
LLP 732--
LLP 733Fitzgerald, SusanThe Dirty Trick
LLP 734--
LLP 735Wilkinson, GraceAunty Candy
LLP 736--
LLP 737--
LLP 738March, AnnieThe Hungry Teacher
LLP 739--
LLP 740Austin, CharlesA Six Way Swap
LLP 741--
LLP 742--
LLP 743Wilson, GraceThe Hungry Stepmother
LLP 744--
LLP 745--
LLP 746--
LLP 747Wilson, CaroleThe Seduced Daughter
LLP 748Peters, KimGinny's Desire
LLP 749Roberts, GrantThe Wild Stewardess
LLP 750Sifton, JeanThe Swedish Wife
LLP 751Wilson, GraceA Tempting Niece
LLP 752-Head Nurse
LLP 753-Watching Kathy Go
LLP 754-Wild Girl
LLP 755Dobson, AllanThe D.A.'s Wife
LLP 756-Bedside Neighbors
LLP 757Barlow, AnnetteBeach Party
LLP 758-Stevie's Governess
LLP 759Gait, AudreyCamp Counselor
LLP 760Doud, PennyPrescription for Lust
LLP 761Benson, TomA Passionate Prisoner
LLP 762Doheny, JaneSlave of Desire
LLP 763Jackson, WillThe Reluctant Wife
LLP 764Dexter, BradA Captive Bride
LLP 765March, SandraA Sinful Ordeal
LLP 766Hart, ValerieThe Working Girl
LLP 767Ballard, RhondaThe Lonely Housewife
LLP 768Doheny, JaneThe Speed Trap
LLP 769Jackson, WillA Captured Angel
LLP 770Gait, AudreyHer Magic Hands
LLP 771--
LLP 772Benson, TomThe Only Way to Fly
LLP 773--
LLP 774Lewis, EileenA Frustrated Wife
LLP 775--
LLP 776Hart, ValerieMan of the House
LLP 777--
LLP 778Woods, DonnaA Wife's Hobby
LLP 779--
LLP 780--
LLP 781--
LLP 782James, RitaThe Executive Suite
LLP 783--
LLP 784--
LLP 785Lord, BarbaraBack Seat Lover
LLP 786--
LLP 787--
LLP 788Carter, SusanFather Knows Best
LLP 789Starr, JanisThe Love Motel
LLP 790--
LLP 791--
LLP 792Benson, TomA Material Affair
LLP 793Dexter, BradThe Sex Game
LLP 794James, RitaThe Pleasure Business
LLP 795Gaye, AndyA Bride's Lesson
LLP 796Jackson, WillThe Farmer's Daughter
LLP 797John, Beverly St.Teaching the Professor
LLP 798Clark, CandyThe Seductive Stewardess
LLP 799Hart, ValerieDaddy's Secret Desire
LLP 800James, RitaA Tutor's Temptation
LLP 801Jackson, KarynHousehold Passion
LLP 802Stevens, LesterThe Governor's Girl
LLP 803--
LLP 804--
LLP 805--
LLP 806Wells, JanetThe  Unwilling Contestant
LLP 807Lord, BarbaraHer Three Sons
LLP 808Marks, MandyThe Divorcée's Girl
LLP 809White, ReginaThe Live-in Nurse
LLP 810--
LLP 811--
LLP 812--
LLP 813Russell, HalTeaching Her Men
LLP 814Harris, RobertaThe Prison Playmate
LLP 815--
LLP 816--
LLP 817Hare, JoshuaPractice with Teacher
LLP 818--
LLP 819Lord, BarbaraHis Daughter's Friends
LLP 820--
LLP 821Mann, TedLease on Lust
LLP 822Matson, MelindaAuntie's Panties
LLP 823--
LLP 824--
LLP 825Jensen, PeterNext Door Lover 
LLP 826--
LLP 827--
LLP 828Wilson, CaroleSpecial Delivery
LLP 829--
LLP 830--
LLP 831--
LLP 832Marks, KarlBody for Sale
LLP 833Matson, MelindaA taste for Young Men
LLP 834--
LLP 835--
LLP 836Wilson, CaroleA Captive Hostess
LLP 837--
LLP 838--
LLP 839Hart, ValerieRancho Lust
LLP 840Johnston, PiaThe Forceful Seduction
LLP 841--
LLP 842Taylor, AliceDark Detective
LLP 843Matson, MelindaHer Sensuous Trade
LLP 844Strong, RodThe Naughty Librarian
LLP 845Mann, TedA Conniving Collector
LLP 846Jackson, WillPumping Flesh
LLP 847--
LLP 848Wilson, CaroleThe Garage Girl
LLP 849--
LLP 850Hart, ValerieMotel Honey
LLP 851--
LLP 852Cash, PaulA Farmhand's Delight
LLP 853Russell, AngelaThe Major's Girl
LLP 854--
LLP 855Doud, PennyDisco Delight
LLP 856Matson, MelindaBrother's Room
LLP 857--
LLP 858--
LLP 859Hart, ValerieA Passion for Porn
LLP 860--
LLP 861-A Disenchanted Bride
LLP 862--
LLP 863--
LLP 864Strong, RodA Camper's Dream
LLP 865Jackson, WillHer Big Score
LLP 866Lord, BarbaraMama's Men
LLP 867-Here Comes the Judge
LLP 868--
LLP 869--
LLP 870Matson, MelindaHot Jog
LLP 871-Room Service
LLP 872--
LLP 873--
LLP 874Gait, AudreyA Sister's Lust
LLP 875White, ReginaHer Private Tour
LLP 876Lord, BarbaraCreme Rinse
LLP 877-A Tempting Therapist
LLP 878Wilson, CaroleA Hard Working Wife
LLP 879--
LLP 880Jackson, WillBed Lessons
LLP 881--
LLP 882--
LLP 883--
LLP 884-Laying Over
LLP 885--
LLP 886Strong, RodDouble Header
LLP 887-The Team Playmate
LLP 888--
LLP 889Doud, PennySea Lust
LLP 890--
LLP 891Cash, PaulaBack Seat Seduction
LLP 892White, ReginaMother's Sacrifice
LLP 893--
LLP 894Ray, BonitaAuntie's Bed
LLP 895Hart, ValerieDorm Mama
LLP 896Gait, AudreyA Helpful Hostess
LLP 897Matson, MelindaA Busy Bride
LLP 898-The College Girl
LLP 899Strong, RodThe Wife Next Door
LLP 900Brown, AngelaLiquid Pleasure
LLP 901--
LLP 902--
LLP 903Mann, TedFraternity Maid
LLP 904--
LLP 905--
LLP 906--
LLP 907--
LLP 908--
LLP 909--
LLP 910Kane, RobertThe Widow's Perversion
LLP 911Matson, MelindaA Seductive Student
LLP 912Hart, ValerieHot Wash
LLP 913--
LLP 914Keller, CharlesSubway Orgy
LLP 915Hart, ValerieHawaiian Hooker
LLP 916Ray, BonitaDaddy's Dolls
LLP 917Wells, MarySensuous Service
LLP 918Mann, TedThe Seductive Housewife
LLP 919--
LLP 920Jackson, WillTunnel of Lust
LLP 921James, RitaBed Bunny
LLP 922--
LLP 923--
LLP 924White, ReginaA Delicious Driver
LLP 925Wilson, CaroleThe Naughty Secretary
LLP 926Keller CharlesBar Babes
LLP 927--
LLP 928-Pleasure Chest
LLP 929--
LLP 930Mann, TedBedroom News
LLP 931--
LLP 932Matson, MelindaBride's Bed
LLP 933Castle, JoelCherry Cheer
LLP 934--
LLP 935--
LLP 936--
LLP 937-Lay Away Lady
LLP 938--
LLP 939Keller CharlesWayward Boys
LLP 940--
LLP 941Cash, PaulaLap Lessons
LLP 942--
LLP 943--
LLP 944Ray, BonitaMama's New Man
LLP 945--
LLP 946--
LLP 947Wilson, CaroleEnd Zone Service
LLP 948Hart, ValeriePermit for Lust
LLP 949Jackson, WillThe Rent Collector
LLP 950-Double Dealer
LLP 951--
LLP 952Cash, PaulaBody Broker
LLP 953--
LLP 954--
LLP 955-High Rise Mamas
LLP 956Castle, JoelJock Teaser
LLP 957--
LLP 958--
LLP 959White, ReginaSensuous Smuggler
LLP 960Langely, JanetRear End Ranger
LLP 961James, RitaThe Doctor's Orders
LLP 962Jackson, WillThe Man Handler
LLP 963Strong, Rod8 Ball Babe
LLP 964Mann, TedNaughty Nurse
LLP 965--
LLP 966--
LLP 967--
LLP 968--
LLP 969Keller, CharlesDown her Slopes
LLP 970Wilson, CaroleDisco Delight
LLP 971Ray, BonitaHer Union Label
LLP 972White, ReginaParole Passion
LLP 973-A Sure Sale
LLP 974Hart, ValerieSanta's Lap
LLP 975--
LLP 976Castle, JoelRoller, Ball
LLP 977-Black Lips
LLP 978--
LLP 979James, RitaA Cozy Cop
LLP 980--
LLP 981Matson, MelindaHer Big Spread
LLP 982-Political Passion
LLP 983--
LLP 984Strong, RodPulling Her Train
LLP 985Edwards, ToddExecutive Couch
LLP 986Hart, ValerieHappy Hookers
LLP 987-Boat Babe
LLP 988--
LLP 989-Boxer Boogie
LLP 990Edwards, ToddNight Shift
LLP 991Gaston, PollyKarate Doll
LLP 992--
LLP 993Strong, RodLove Score
LLP 994Keller, CharlesCaptive Women
LLP 995--
LLP 996--
LLP 997Hart, ValerieJackpot Maid
LLP 998Langely, JanetNiece Weekend
LLP 999--
LLP 1000--
LLP 1001Castle, JoelVirgin Teacher
LLP 1002--
LLP 1003--
LLP 1004Gaston, PollySure Leave
LLP 1005Ray, BonitaLibrary Lust
LLP 1006--
LLP 1007--
LLP 1008--
LLP 1009--
LLP 1010--
LLP 1011--
LLP 1012Gaston, PollyBehind the Bar
LLP 1013Jackson, WillDraftee Dilemma
LLP 1014Mann, TedThe Agent's Couch
LLP 1015James, RitaDaughter Switch
LLP 1016--
LLP 1017McCall, GeniseDancer's Dues
LLP 1018--
LLP 1019--
LLP 1020--
LLP 1021Wilson, CaroleLady Jock-
LLP 1022--
LLP 1023--
LLP 1024--
LLP 1025--
LLP 1026Gibson, DianeMother's Urge
LLP 2001Monday, BillieAunt Cynthia
LLP 2002Marcus, Carl VanThe Teenage Tramp
LLP 2003Wentworth, BetteAnything to Please Teacher
LLP 2004Pike, David B.Hungry Teenager
LLP 2005Robard, JacksonThe Straying Houswife
LLP 2006Zigeler, KarenThe Hesitant Swingers
LLP 2007Collier, BentonThe Kid Lover
LLP 2008Graham, CarlottaSheila's Hidden Hunger
LLP 2009-New Girl
LLP 2010Crane, MarionAcapulco Sexcapade
LLP 2011Wilkinson, GraceNurse Judy
LLP 2012Robard, JacksonA Very Private Tutor
LLP 2013Zapman, RogerDouble Marriage
LLP 2014Keyes, EdPilgrim of Passion
LLP 2015-An Animal Obsession
LLP 2016--
LLP 2017--
LLP 2018--
LLP 2019--
LLP 2020--
LLP 2021--
LLP 2022--
LLP 2023--
LLP 2024--
LLP 2025--
LLP 2026--
LLP 2027--
LLP 2028--
LLP 2029Jensen, PeterAn Adventurous Bride

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. A lot of bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.

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