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Newsstand Library Magenta Books

publisher / verlag: Newsstand Library Press | Chicago
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1958 - 1960
volumes / bände: 108 [U-101 - U-184; 501 - 524]
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: xamerikanische Taschenbuchreihe



Nummer Autor Titel
U-101 Friday Locke  Streets Paved with Gold
U-102 James L. Rubel The Fraudolent Broad
U-103 Pat Bunyan The Big Blues
U-104 William Bradbury All the Natives Are Lovers
U-105 Henry Lewis Nixon The Bawdy Mrs Grey
U-106 March Hastings The Demands of the Flesh
U-107 G. A. Graeme The Peddlers
U-108 James L. Rubel Any Two Can Play
U-109 March Hastings Obsessed
U-110 James Harsh Riptide
U-111 Nancy Dean (as told to Jack Powers) Twenty Years Behind Red Curtains
U-112 George H. Smith Whip of Passion
U-113 Henry Lewis Nixon Six For Flight 13
U-114 G. A. Graeme The Evil Ear
U-115 George H. Smith Dark Desire!
U-116 March Hastings Fear of Incest
U-117 Edward Culver She Had To Be Loved
U-118 March Hastings Veil of Torment
U-119 - -
U-120 Connie Sellers Private World
U-121 H. D. Spalding The Yellow Press
U-122 Karl Edd The Tenement Kid
U-123 G. A. Graeme The Wife Traders
U-124 Don King Bitter Love
U-125 Brian Dunn The Censored Screen
U-126 Joseph Heron Agreement to Love
U-127 Pauline C. Smith Carnal Greed
U-128 Guy Corbett The Grip of Lust
U-129 Robert Hayes Black Desire
U-130 Jay Carpenter The Youngest Harlot
U-131 George H. Smith Swamp Breed
U-132 Carl Marcus Arrividerci, Ava
U-133 James Rubel The Wanton One
U-134 M. Anderson Her Mother's Husband
U-135 Hal R. Moore Shanty Girl
U-136 Hy Silver Bogus Lover
U-137 Charles Willeford The Woman Chaser
U-138 George Toward Come Sin With Me
U-139 Edward Booth Torch of Desire
U-140 Della Wand Devil's Cross
U-141 Robert K. Shedd The Wicked Wife
U-142 Clayton Hickerson Diploma of Passion
U-143 W. Warner Jackson Cavern of Rage
U-144 Richard E. Egis Like Crazy, Man
U-145 Alfred B. Glaser Creature of Sin
U-146 Edward Booth Deadly Desire
U-147 George P. Howard Lesbos Hill
U-148 Jack Allan Good Time Girl
U-149 Della Wand On The Make
U-150 Edward Booth Chains of Passion
U-151 Hote Rock Mr. Madam
U-152 March Hastings Crack-Up
U-153 Roy Kelsey The Amorous Avenger
U-154 Roy Kelsey Affair on Board
U-155 Jack Allan Love Is A Gentle Whip
U-156 Don Lee A Matter Of Adultery
U-157 March Hastings The 3rd Theme
U-158 Hugh Zachary One Day in Hell
U-159 Joseph Heron So Strange Our Love
U-160 Keith Vinning A Family Affair
U-161 Ben V. McLane Jr. Chasm Of Lust
U-162 John Tyler You Can't Escape Me!
U-163 Edgar A. Martin Portrait Of Torment
U-164 Paul Krueger Bedroom Alibi
U-165 William A. Austin Commit The Sins
U-166 Paul Curtis Chained Sex
U-167 T. A. Maschke Sex Is Like Money
U-168 Opal Leigh Berryman Make It On Temple Street
U-169 Robert Carney Anything Goes
U-170 Charles Willeford Understudy For Love
U-171 Mary Shomette Gooch Amorous Dietician
U-172 Thomas Vail Blackmailed And Old Lace
U-173 Ted. E. Abrams Sinful Cowboy
U-174 Warren Caryl Whirlpool of Thunder
U-175 J. L. Potter Jambalaya Loverman
U-176 Steve Bell Venus of Lesbos
U-177 Philip Storey Four O'Clock on Friday
U-178 Paul Curtis Deadly Deceit
U-179 William R. Wiseman Drawn By Desire
U-180 Dan Brennan Doomed Sinner
U-181 Dorothy Wind The Insatiable Lisa
U-182 Charles Willeford No Experience Necessary
U-183 Lillian Dowling Sexy Psycho
U-184 Bob Barksdale & Robert Hunter Back Seat Lover
No. Author Title
501 Carl Marcus The Lewd Angel
502 Steve Bell Honey Angel
503 George H. Smith The Georgeous Devil
U-504 Richard D. Giacomo Dee Curiosities Of Medicine
505 William K. Douglas Savage Breed
506 Louis Karney The Devil's Lash
507 George H. Smith Satan's Mate
508 Thom Martin Serenade To Seduction
509 Don Michaud The Beckoning Flame
510 Edward Culver Playhouse of Passion
511 G. J. Gillan Jr.  Office Playgirl
512 Vince Del Rocco Only Her Body For Sale
513 Robert Chestnut The Syndicate
514 Wanda Lane Red House On Green Street
515 James Harvey Daughter Of Joy
516 Jack Mertes Bobby Sox Sinners
517 Richard E. Geis Sex Kitten
518 J. A. Flannigan Vagabond Virgin
519 Warner Jackson Lust For Youth
520 Jan Stacy Twilight House
521 Paul Kingston Gallery of Perversion
522 Bill Lauren Blonde Danger
523 - -
524 Andrew Laird Too Hot For Hell

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. Some bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.

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