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Satan Press
(1st + 2nd series)

publisher / verlag: (1st) Foremost Publisher / Connoisseur Publications -
(2nd) Consolidated Press / [later] Star Distributors
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: (1st) 1965 - 1966;
(2nd) 1969 - 1973
volumes / bände: 26 (1st series),
76 (2nd series)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Zwei amerikanische Taschenbuchreihen

1st Series - SP 115

2nd Series - SP 310


Nummer Autor Titel
SP 101Morgan, HeleneQueer Daddy
SP 102Kahler, JackPassion Psycho
SP 103Trainer, RussDenied
SP 104Trainer, RussThe Seeker
SP 105Haryvey, JamesTeacher's Pet
SP 106Roxbury, JohnCelluloid Sex Bomb
SP 107Morgan, HeleneBlack Water Nymph
SP 108Trainer, RussHis Brother Love
SP 109Kahler, JackPassion Sauce
SP 110Rowler, JulietteThe Experimenters
SP 111Powell, DonnaJust for Kicks
SP 112Trainer, RussSex Challenge
SP 113Larkin, WolfThe Sex Trap
SP 114Vast, JackEverybody Wins
SP 115Powell, Donald30 Day Orgy
SP 116Brook, DanWhatever Wanda Wants
SP 117Train, RussSurf Broad
SP 118Woods, JackThe Flesh Worshippers
SP 119Morgan, HeleneBlood Orgy
SP 120Powell, DonnaAfter School
SP 121Trainer, RussLust Behind Bars
SP 122Woods, JackSexpionage
SP 123Gardner, KenFetish Farm
SP 124Preston, LanaBlack Is for Bliss
SP 125Masters, BudCoed for Hire
SP 126King, DonSchool for Nymphos
SP 301Harding, KennethCockpit
SP 302Fortunaise, PierreSee How They Writhe
SP 303Cessin, AimeRoad to Perversion
SP 304Legros, ArmandRoom Service
SP 305Granamour, A deTrip to Torture
SP 306Harding, KennethShe Loves Her Shackles
SP 307Granamour, A. deCarnal Captives
SP 308Harding, KennethBlack Lust
SP 309Harding, KennethSisters of Satan
SP 310Dixon, RichardNaked Politics
SP 311Harding, KennethDon't Fiddle
SP 312Harding, KennethThe Incestuous Uncle
SP 313Harding KennethPainful Education
SP 314Harding, KennethA Stepmother's Slave
SP 315Harding, KennethKidnapped Cousins
SP 316Granamour, A. deThe Cult of Sathanas
SP 317Bell, ChastityHeiress to Eros
SP 318Klow, Dr. GuenterI, Masseuse
SP 319Duc, Pierre leNorthern Lash
SP 320Henry, WillSpanking Stewardess
SP 321Granamour, A. deConjugal Lash
SP 322Bell, ChastitySwap to Swat
SP 323Duc, Pierre leNote of Pain
SP 324Melville, A.Tales of Torment
SP 325Bell, ChastityAuntie's Boys
SP 326Paul, HugoLegacy of Shackles
SP 327Wilkins, RodSlaves of Power
SP 328Bell, ChastityCarnal Camp
SP 329Harding, KennethSlaves of the Spider King
SP 330Granamour, A. deThe Knout and the Nihilists
SP 331Granamour, A. deThe Lariat, Spur and the Lash
SP 332--
SP 333Granamour, A de.Pain Slave of the Turks
SP 334Granamour, A. deBachelor's Degree in Spanking
SP 335Granamour, A. deThe Sadistic Inquisition
SP 336Harding, KennethThe Young Sadist
SP 337Harding, KennethSex Slave Secretaries
SP 338Jones-Smith, AlexisSpankled Shoplifters
SP 339Harding, KennethConfessions of a Spankee
SP 340Harding, KenenthDiary of a Spanko-Rapist
SP 341Granamour, A. deSado-Slaves of the Sheikh
SP 342--
SP 343Stokes, HarryThe Whipmaster
SP 344Fielding, AlishaThe Pain Deviate
SP 345Granamour, A. deThe Virgin and the Sadist
SP 346--
SP 347Granamour, A. dePassion Slaves of the Neo-Nazis
SP 348Doverman, MichaelBe My Slave
SP 349Wolfe, GuyWhips Incorporated
SP 350Thomas, VernaMy Further Spanking Adventures
SP 351Granamour, A. deThe Stock, the Pillory and thePost
SP 352--
SP 353--
SP 354Granamour, A. deI Train Naughty Wives
SP 355Granamour, A. deSpanked Suffragettes
SP 356--
SP 357--
SP 358--
SP 359Warren, JackPain Parlor
SP 360--
SP 361Worlin, RonaldWhipping Memories
SP 362Mori RichardSchool of Suffering
SP 363Kemp, BruceSpanking School
SP 364Booker, LarryBound in Chains
SP 365--
SP 366Bellows, FrankPerfomance of Pain
SP 367McHenry, DaleLesbian Torture Camp
SP 368Chesterton, DavidChains of Love
SP 369Mueller, CraigEvery Day Another Whip
SP 370MacKenzie, DavidThe Dean's Revenge
SP 371Kraus, KarlAbandoned and Beaten
SP 372Shawn, AlanMy Victims Beg for Mercy
SP 373Raven, DennisSlash of Leather
SP 374Rankin, JackThe Manor House
SP 375--
SP 376Waring RobertRaped and Humiliated
There were two series (numbers with three digits)

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