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101 Enterprises

publisher / verlag: 101 Enterprises New York
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1967 - 1969
volumes / bände: 48 (101-01 - 101-48)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: A series of small gay paperbacks. Subtitle: "An Original Home Library Edition" - This list was reblogged from: Vintage Porn & Sleaze Paperbacks

Serie: 00002en#####

sample picture of the series

No. Author Title
101-01 Carl Coolen Route 69
101-02 Alexander Goodwell "The"Operation
101-03 Gary Rich Sailors & Their Boys
101-04 Anthony Dalton Baby Face
101-05 Bruce King Summer Awakening
101-06 Gene Holland Boys In Love, With Other Boys
101-07 Paul Richards Big Daddy's Boy
101-08 Terry Andrews Rough Trade, Italien Style
101-09 Michael Robins Swallow The Leader. A. Novel
101-10 Jim Belaire Young Tim
101-11 Teryl Andrews Flower Boys
101-12 Mario Ricco Little Boy Gay
101-13 Carl Coolen The Concentration Of Hans
101-14 Pudge[y] Roberts Dormitory Mates
101-15 W. D. Angel 10 Bad Boys
101-16 Carl Coolen The School For Young Boy Slaves
101-17 Floyd Carter Camp Butcher
101-18 Floyd Carter The Story Of '9'
101-19 Teryl Andrews Page Boys
101-20 Walter Rice Balcony Bunnies
101-21 Floyd Carter Big Joe
101-22 Floyd Carter One A Night
101-23 Arnold Dixon Glory Hole Hustler
101-24 Arnold Dixon Sheep Boy
101-25 Gary Collins The Sergeant
101-26 Carl Corley Trick Of The Trade
101-27 Allan James Summer of Studs
101-28 Arnold Dixon Geisha Boys
101-29 Arnold Dixon The Young And The Bad
101-30 Bob Frazier Coming Out
101-31 Bob Frazier Virility Valley
101-32 Carl Coolen Ballet For Boys
101-33 Milton C. Lo[u]nge, Jr. Joy Stick
101-34 Milton C. Lo[u]nge, Jr. Cream Of The Crop
101-35 Milton C. Lo[u]nge, Jr. Hard To Handle
101-36 Floyd Carter Forbidden Fruit
101-37 Mark Leonard Flip Side
101-38 Floyd Carter Battle Of The Bulges
101-39 Peter Zupp My Friend Larry
101-40 Peter Zupp Next, Please
101-41 Pudgey Roberts Seafood
101-42 Davy S. Gay Vampire
101-43 Peter Zupp Boy Farm
101-44 Paul Ritchards A Strange Desire
101-45 Bruce King The Triangle
101-46 Norman Howard Carnival, Carnival
101-47 Bob Ruffner Special Service
101-48 Brad Campbell Hand To Mouth

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. Some bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.

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