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CWS - Captive Women Series

publisher / verlag: American Art Enterprises North Hollywood, CA.
Publisher's Consultants
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1977 - 1986
volumes / bände: ca. 212 (101-312 {hkn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Cover artists Gene Bilbrew,  Bill Ward, and others

CWS 105

Nummer Autor Titel
CWS 101Morgan,  GeorgeThe Captive Mother [1977]
CWS 102Mitchell, EdwardThe Captured Girlfriend [1977]
CWS 103--
CWS 104Mason, GeoffreyShip Wrecked Wives
CWS 105Mitchell, EdwardKidnapped by Bikers
CWS 106Wykes, CharlesThe Captive Bride
CWS 107Michaels, JuddCaptive of the S.S.
CWS 108Mueller, CurtThe Virgin Hostage
CWS 109--
CWS 110Wilson, JohnCaptured by Convicts
CWS 111Michaels, JuddCaptive Weekend
CWS 112Mitchell, EdwardPrisoner in Mexico
CWS 113Mauser, WilhelmAbducted Daughter
CWS 114Mitchell, EdwardExecutive Slave [1978]
CWS 115Mitchell, EdwardCaptive in Hong Kong [1978]
CWS 116Mason, GeoffreyThe Hunted Wives [1978]
CWS 117Michaels, JuddCaptive on Lust Island [1978]
CWS 118Mitchell, EdwardThe Captive Nurse [1978]
CWS 119Morgan, GeorgeCaptured by Outlaws [1978]
CWS 120Mitchell, EdwardThe Kidnapped Housewife [1978]
CWS 121Mitchell, EdwardThe Abduction of Cindy, Vol. 1 [1978]
CWS 122Duncan, SusanThe Reluctant Hostage [1978]
CWS 123Mitchell, EdwardThe Abduction of Cindy, Vol. 2 [1978]
CWS 124Davidson, JuliePunishment for Kathy [1978]
CWS 125Mitchell, EdwardThe Blackmailed Family [1978]
CWS 126--
CWS 127Mitchell, EdwardThe Raped Heiress [1978]
CWS 128Morgan, GeorgeThe Abused Teenager [1978]
CWS 129-The Captive Tourists [1978]
CWS 130--
CWS 131Macintyre, HeatherThe Captive Nudist [1978]
CWS 132--
CWS 133Arnold, SusanneThe Captive Virgin [1978]
CWS 134Morgan, GeorgeThe Captured Family [1978]
CWS 135Mitchell, EdwardCaptured by Drug Addicts [1978]
CWS 136Mason, GeoffreyThe Hitchhiking Wives [1978]
CWS 137Strong, RodWhite Slave Captive
CWS 138Miller, KurtHeld Hostage
CWS 139Mitchell, EdwardThe Family Captive
CWS 140Mitchell, EdwardThe Sadistic Stepfather
CWS 141Mitchell, EdwardThe Ravished Model
CWS 142--
CWS 143Mitchell, EdwardAbducted in Greece
CWS 144Mason, GeoffreyThe Kidnapped Bride [1979]
CWS 145Morgan, GeorgeCaptive in Mexico [1979]
CWS 146Roberts, IanThe Boss' Wife [1979]
CWS 147Savage, J. J.The Raped Teacher [1979]
CWS 148Davidson, JuliePrisoner at Home [1979]
CWS 149Conrad, BillTorture Terror [1979]
CWS 150--
CWS 151--
CWS 152Johnson, SandyThe Pain Prisoners [1979]
CWS 153Gardena, GeorgeThe Sting of the Warden [1979]
CWS 154Suarez, JoseThe Trained Slut [1979]
CWS 155Woodley, AllenPolymorphously Perverse [1979]
CWS 156Geshect, ClausGerman Brothel [1979]
CWS 157Cone, HowardSex Slave in Turkey [1979]
CWS 158Roger, GrahamCaptured in Iran [1979]
CWS 159Suarez, JoseTortured Below the Border [1979]
CWS 160Larson, RustyJail Mate [1979]
CWS 161Williams, SandyIsland Captive [1979]
CWS 162Valadez, JuanImprisoned in Peru [1979]-
CWS 163--
CWS 164Lytell, JoanDesert Abduction [1979]
CWS 165Monk, FreemanThe Torture Prison [1979]
CWS 166Lipshits, FernandoSpanish Inquisition [1979]
CWS 167Mavin, ThursgoodThe SS Nightmare
CWS 168--
CWS 169Meager, FredClub Sadistic
CWS 170--
CWS 171--
CWS 172Merchant, FrankPrison of Lust
CWS 173--
CWS 174Kiley, JamesWidow Torture
CWS 175--
CWS 176--
CWS 177Carson, FredTeen Prison
CWS 178--
CWS 179--
CWS 180Buck, SpencerHoliday for Spanking
CWS 181Mitchell, EdwardHer Sadistic Boss [1980] 
CWS 182Strong, RodThe Captive Model [1980] 
CWS 183--
CWS 184Scott, IanThe Captive Amazon [1980] 
CWS 185Mitchell, EdwardTeenager's Revenge [1980] 
CWS 186O'Christopher, AndrewThe Captive Bank Teller [1980] 
CWS 187Mitchell, EdwardThe Captive Reporter [1980] 
CWS 188Strong, RodThe Young Captive Bride [1980] 
CWS 189Mitchell, EdwardThe Cuban Wives [1980] 
CWS 190Wallace, IanA Husband's Revenge [1980] 
CWS 191Holmes, LydiaBoys Camp Mother
CWS 192Mitchell, EdwardPunishing His Wife [1981]
CWS 193--
CWS 194--
CWS 195Clemonds, DaveThe Tortured Teacher [1981] 
CWS 196Holmes, LydiaCaptive College Girl [1981] 
CWS 197--
CWS 198--
CWS 199Holmes, LydiaCrime Slave [1981] 
CWS 200Strong, RodA Passion for Bondage [1981] 
CWS 201Mitchell, EdwardLesbian Wives [1981] 
CWS 202Lindquist, ConnieThe Captive Female Doctor [1981] 
CWS 203Strong, RodSlave Harem [1981] 
CWS 204--
CWS 205Steel, PeterMother Was His Slave [1981] 
CWS 206Mitchell, EdwardWhite Slave Teacher [1981] 
CWS 207Stone, DickThe Son's Revenge [1981] 
CWS 208--
CWS 209--
CWS 210Holmes, LydiaSchoolgirl in Bondage [1981] 
CWS 211-Prisoner of the Preacher
CWS 212--
CWS 213Strong, RodThe Stockbroker's Prisoner
CWS 214--
CWS 215Ortego, HumbertoThe Slave Trader's Slave [1982]
CWS 216Strong, RodMexican Captive [1982]
CWS 217Hardy, John-ThomasScoutmaster's Captive [1982]
CWS 218Stone, DickThe Captive from DMV [1982]
CWS 219Peters, NoraTruck Stop Sex Slave
CWS 220Jensen, CarlDude Ranch Captive [1982]
CWS 221Hardy, John-ThomasThe Coed's Tormented Mother [1982]
CWS 222Holmes, LydiaThe Captive Lady Detective [1982]
CWS 223Lambrey, HugoMaster of Punishment [1982]
CWS 224--
CWS 225Masterson, EricShe Begged for More [1982]
CWS 226Edmunds, RalphMake Her Beg [1982]
CWS 227Mason, JohnSlavery in Chinatown [1982]
CWS 228White, TedOffice of Slavery
CWS 229-The Runaway Slave
CWS 230Strong, EdwardDope Dealer's Captive
CWS 231Mitchell, RodKinky Officer Laura
CWS 232--
CWS 233Mason, JohnHarem Slave
CWS 234--
CWS 235--
CWS 236Strong, RodSlave of the Cinema
CWS 237Miller, StanCarpool Captive
CWS 238Freeze, TomVirgin Deflowered
CWS 239Jules, HowardAbducted Vacationer
CWS 240Shear, EvelyneSlave to Molesters
CWS 241Scott, JerryThe Youngest Prisoner
CWS 242Daunders, DianneSandi's Shaming
CWS 243Wiseman, RalphCaptive, but Innocent
CWS 244Williams, WardLady Captives [1983]
CWS 245Madden, H. K.Tormented Twosome [1983]
CWS 246Booker, JeffreyWidow Cynthia's Release [1983]
CWS 247Strong, RodBill Collector's Slaves [1983]
CWS 248--
CWS 249--
CWS 250Booker, JeffreySarah's Torment
CWS 251Booker, JeffreyTied, Tormented and Loving It [1983]
CWS 252Strong, RodNo End to Torment [1983]
CWS 253--
CWS 254Strong, RodA Smuggler Captured [1983]
CWS 255--
CWS 256Strong, RodMaster of Sex Pain [1983]
CWS 257--
CWS 258Strong, RodTour Guide Slave [1983]
CWS 259--
CWS 260Strong, RodEnslaved & Loving It
CWS 261Crowson, MelPrisoner to Love [1984]
CWS 262Campbell, TracyCaptured, Tied, Trained [1984]
CWS 263-The Torment of Linda [1984]
CWS 264Campbell, TracyKaren's Degradation [1984]
CWS 265Booker, JeffreyThe Shaming of Celia [1984]
CWS 266-Governess in Captivity [1984]
CWS 267Booker, JeffreyAwesome Sex Revenge [1984]
CWS 268Strong, RodChained Degradation [1984]
CWS 269Booker, JeffreySharing Ectasy in Pain [1984]
CWS 270-Jonathan, Sex Master [1984]
CWS 271-Terror on the Dark Continent [1984]
CWS 272Strong, RodDegraded in Turkey [1984]
CWS 273--
CWS 274--
CWS 275--
CWS 276Crowson, MelPolly's Hunger Punished [1984]
CWS 277--
CWS 278Morales, ArmandoBordello Prisoner [1984]
CWS 279Masters, ShirleyA Touch of the Whip
CWS 280Rogers, BertPassion from Pain
CWS 281Masters, ShirleyLust Master's Captive
CWS 282Rogers, BertChained and Loving It
CWS 283Jameson, GaryKKK Captive [1985]
CWS 284--
CWS 285Jameson, GaryThe Tormenting of Carrie [1985]
CWS 286Miller, StanTerror in Mexcico [1985]
CWS 287Manson, SylviaVirgin in Captivity [1985]
CWS 288Nelson, LoriChained Females [1985]
CWS 289--
CWS 290Miller, StanTortured and Loving It [1985]
CWS 291Miller, StanMona's Lust Pain [1985]
CWS 292--
CWS 293--
CWS 294Banning, HowardSpanking Holiday [1985]
CWS 295Banning, HowardHong Kong Captive [1985]
CWS 296Miller, StanSylvia's Enslavement [1985]
CWS 297Banning, HowardJason's Sexual Revenge [1985]
CWS 298Miller, StanSharon's Slavery Lessons [1985]
CWS 299Banning, HowardBound to Pain [1985]
CWS 300Miller, StanIn Pain / Loving It [1985]
CWS 301Starling, Roger Mike's Dominating Ways
CWS 302Roston, LoriForced into Spanking-
CWS 303Roston, LoriTeacher's Rape Attack
CWS 304--
CWS 305Miller, StanMike Dominates Mom
CWS 306Masters, FredTortured Widow
CWS 307Masters, FredDoorway to Pain [1986]
CWS 308Miller, StanDiane's Pain Lesson [1986]
CWS 309Masters, FredJudth's Devil Cult [1986]
CWS 310Miller, StanTorture Hunger [1986]
CWS 311Mitchell, EdwardBondage Lover [1986]
CWS 312Masters, FredHighway to Terror [1986]

CWS-101 - CWS-110
CWS-111 - CWS-120

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. Some bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.

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