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Gaslight Books

publisher / verlag: L. S. Publications Corp, New York, NY 
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1964
volumes / bände: ca. 36 (GL 101 - GL 136 {hkn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchserie

GL 125


Nummer Autor Titel
GL 101Tralins, BobJazzman in Nudetown
GL 102--
GL 103Steele, MonteUnwilling Lover
GL 104--
GL 105Frank, Wm. F.Gold Plated Tramp
GL 106Ryan, SteveMexican Man-Trap
GL 107North, KevinPayoff for Passion
GL 108Browne, HadleyMillion Dollar Hussey
GL 109Cally, JohnSins of the Flesh
GL 110--
GL 111Haunt, TomWicked Wench
GL 112Blue, JackBoudoir Boy
GL 113Clark, DorineThe Way of a Wanton
GL 114Reynolds, VincentAssignment Lust
GL 115--
GL 116Kane, KenPassion Pact
GL 117Hitt, OrrieMale Lover
GL 118--
GL 119Haunt, TomDeadly Love
GL 120Clark, DorinePassion in the Sun
GL 121Donalds, RichardPlay with Passion
GL 122--
GL 123Clark, DorineLovers Tour
GL 124--
GL 125Reynolds, WinstonNaked Passsion
GL 126Johns, DonGoddess of Love
GL 127--
GL 128Clark, DorineDr. Sex
GL 129--
GL 130--
GL 131Donalds, RichardSinful Model
GL 132--
GL 133Taylor, TimTortured Love
GL 134Burton, S.N.Slaves to Sin
GL 135Munoz, RocBeaten by Passion
GL 136Haunt, TomFlights of Love

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. A lot of bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'. 

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