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WH 523

PUBLISHER / VERLAG: Satellite Publications, New York, NY
[later:] Market Arcade, Buffalo, New York, NY.

YEARS / ZEITRAUM: 1966 - 1968

KNOWN TITLES: WH 501 - WH 572 {hkn}

AUTHORS / VERFASSER: various / verschiedene



Nummer Autor Titel Cover Artist
WH 501 Dean, Anthony What Floor Please? Alexander, Bill
WH 502 Baker, George Flight Hostess Alexander, Bill
WH 503 Willow, Peter Special Assignment Alexander, Bill
WH 504 Parker, Jon Light Up Alexander, Bill
WH 505 Kosloff, Myron Play Or Pay Alexander, Bill
WH 506 Willow, Peter Double Up Alexander, Bill
WH 507 Conway, Bud Subdued Ward, Bill
WH 508 Allison, Glenn Season For Three Alexander, Bill
WH 509 Martin, Jerome The Married Set Ward, Bill
WH 510 Kosloff, Myron Spy Hunt Bilbrew, Gene
WH 511 Willow, Peter Just Friends Ward, Bill
WH 512 Parker, John Dealer's Luck Bilbrew, Gene
WH 513 Conway, Bud For Sale Stanton, Eric
WH 514 Turner, Linda Fair Choice Alexander, Bill
WH 515 Gilmore, Reed A Study of Wife Swapping
WH 516 Dean, Anthony Screen Test
WH 517 Parker, Jon  Pickup
WH 518 Carter, John Easy Living
WH 519 Allison, Glenn Quick Moves
WH 520 Norman, Walter Perpetual Motion
WH 521 Drake, Doris Lady Peeper
WH 522 Willow, Peter Odd Neighbors
WH 523 Kosloff, Myron Fast Job
WH 524 Marshall, Bill Society Madness
WH 525 Harte, Raymond Extra Touch Stanton, Eric
WH 526 Davis, Allyn Backstage Trio
WH 527 Craft, Woody ShowPiece Stanton, Eric
WH 528 Masur, Dominique Maid Service
WH 529 Higgers, Sylvia Friendly Visitor
WH 530 Willow, Peter Mother In Law
WH 531 Makagon, Thomas K.  Rooftop Peeper
WH 532 Allison, Glenn Double Or Nothing
WH 533 Thornton, Paul Tyrannical.
A Study of Female Domination
WH 534 Reissner, Albert The Sado Masochistic Compulsion
WH 535 Conroy, Pat Manhandled
WH 536 Craft, Woody My Niece
WH 537 Di'Nelle, Shawna Smarty Pants
WH 538 Nelson, Robert Games Girls Play
WH 539 Dixon, Arnold Private Poll
WH 540 Sherwood, Paula Rubdown
WH 541 Reissner, Albert Female Perversions
WH 542 Gilmore, Reed People Who Peep nopic
WH 543 De Nelle, Shawna Tears And Humiliation Bilbrew, Gene
WH 544 Barrows, Pat Reserved For Three
WH 545 Parker, Jon Inside Job
WH 546 Turner, Eve Man At Work Bilbrew, Gene
WH 547 Sands, Nina One Way Trip
WH 548 Kosloff, Myron Female Tyrant Bilbrew, Gene
WH 549 Nelson, Robert Bondage Clubs U.S.A
WH 550 Condor, Lou The Female Aggressor
WH 551 Michaels, James Gay Resistance
WH 552 Willow, Peter Proper Respect
WH 553 De Nelle, Shawna Confinement
WH 554 Carter, Joseph She Stud Bilbrew, Gene
WH 555 Arnold, Max Lady Director
WH 556 Brook, Jay Lovers Lane Alexander, Bill
WH 557 Condon, Lou Incest.
Forbidden Family Relationship
WH 558 Thorpe, Byron Compulsive Homosexuality
WH 559 Fletcher, Arthur His Brother's Girl
WH 560 Marshall, Bill Madison Avenue Madness
WH 561 Kosloff, Myron Roped Rendezvous
WH 562 Craft, Woody Forced To Please
WH 563 Rogers, T. R. Male Nymph nopic
WH 564 Willow, Peter Enforced Respect
WH 565 Browell, Irene Men Are My Victims
WH 566 Laferty, Myrna A Passion For Cruelty
WH 567 Astin, Evelyn Temple of Terror
WH 568 Bellow, Don Brazen Empress
WH 569 Anthony, Pat Night Shift nopic
WH 570 De Nelle, Shawna Prison Prey
WH 571 Willow, Peter Man Haulers nopic
WH 572 Barrows, Pat Unwilling To Swap nopic
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