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Kozy Books

publisher / verlag: Kozy Books, New York, NY. [later] Manhasset, New York, NY.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1956-1963
volumes / bände: # (K88-K191)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: -

Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
K88 Normandie, Roger [Hitt, Orrie] Race With Lust 1956
K89 Saden, Maurice Sensuous Loves 1956
K90 Boyer, Pamela Burlesque Jungle 1956
K91 Perdue, Jacques Web Of Desire 1956
K92 Normandie, Roger [Hitt, Orrie] Tormented Passions 1956
K93 Brown, Marty Fallen Virtues 1956
K94 Hitt, Orrie Sins Of Flesh 1956
K95 Andreya, Guy Rampant Lust 1956
K96 Mitchell, Kackson Desires Under The Palms 1958
K97 Lessing, Lew Price Of A Virgin 1958
K98 Perdue, Jacques Strange Love 1960
K99 Hitt, Orrie Hotel Hostess 1960
K100 Miron, Charles Sextories 1960
K101 Snavely, Adam 2-4 Sex 1960
K102 Lessing, Lew Lover Come Lately 1960
K103 Mitchell, Jackson The Nude Senorita 1960
K104 Turner, Robert The Mad And The Damned 1960
K105 Thomas, Eric Too Many Loves 1960
K106 Allen, Lloyd Summer Islanders 1960
K107 Richardson, Mike Savage Sinner 1960
K108 Hitt, Orrie Suburban Interlude 1960
K109 Lessing, Lew Ski Gigolo 1960
K110 Fleece, Jason Tropic Temptation 1960
K111 Snavely, Adam Split Level Love 1960
K112 Sargent, Richard There Are No Angels 1960
K113 [Harvey], Gene Lost Passion 1960
K114 Mitchell, Jackson Love Under Water 1960
K115 Lessing, Lew North Beach Nymph 1960
K116 St. John, Michael Temptress 1960
K117 Thomas, Eric Strip For Murder 1960
K118 Ward, Jonathan Fury 1960
K119 Barstow, Craig Virgin Of Spare Rib Hill 1960
K120 Thomas, Eric Sin College 1960
K121 Hitt, Orrie Diploma Dolls 1960
K122 Snavely, Adam The Big Flick 1960
K123 Matcha, Jack The Love Seekers 1961
K124 Snavley, Adam, Bait 1961
K125 Thomas, Eric Loove Is A Three Letter Word 1961
K126 Gault, Owen Passion Island 1961
K127 Feldspar, Walter Loose Women 1961
K128 Hitt, Orrie Dark Passions 1961
K129 Lessing, Lew Love Lottery 1961
K130 Snavely, Adam Pool-Side Pushover 1961
K131 Gault, Owen Wayside 609 1961
K132 Feldspar, Walter  Squeeze Play 1961
K133 Shirley, Aaron Body Of A Young Woman 1961
K134 Hitt, Orrie Twisted Lovers 1961
K135 Ruse, Jim Tina 1961
K136 Lewis, Pete Father Of The Amazons 1961
K137 Lord, Kirby Reaped Loves 1961
K138 Barstow, Craig Lady Of The Line 1961
K139 Lowenkopf, Shelly The City Of Hoke 1961
K140 Bell, Aaron The Abortionist 1961
K141 Hitt, Orrie Suburban Trap 1961
K142 Hitt, Orrie Pleasure Ground 1961
K143 Hitt, Orrie Carnival Honey 1962
K144 Thompson, John B. Born To Be Made 1962
K145 Hitt, Orrie Wild Lovers 1962
K146 Harley, Michael Man For Hire 1962
K147 Gates, Jack Entangled Loves 1962
K148 Berkey, Ben The Girl With the Tangled G-String 1962
K149 Lowenkopf, Shelly The Love Of The Lion 1962
K150 Thompson, John B. Swamp Nymph 1962
K151 Hitt, Orrie Bold Affair 1962
K152 Hitt, Orrie Campus Tramp 1962
K153 Bledsoe, Robert Love Is Fun 1962
K154 Morton, Bowie Water Witch 1962
K155 Mayo, Dallas The Trouble With Red Heads 1962
K156 Evans, Gail No Hope of Heaven 1962
K157 Carter, Alex I Was A $ 1000 A Night Call Girl 1962
K158 Thompson, John Kiss Or Kill 1962
K159 Hitt, Orrie The Naked Flesh 1962
K160 Snavely, Adam Wine, Women, And Love 1962
K161 Berkey, Ben Madame 1962
K162 Morton, Bowie Marie 1962
K163 Anderton, Ben Sin Cove 1962
K164 Hitt, Orrie Violent Sinners 1962
K165 Thompson, John B. Nymph in Need 1962
K166 Ward, Jonathan Love Under Glass
K167 Bowie, Joe B. Half World
K168 Thompson, Ben Virgins of Veldt
K169 Hitt, Orrie Love Drive
K170 Anderton, Ben Moments Of Passion
K171 Bell, Aaron Frenchie
K172 Ward, Jonathan Bed And Board
K173 Thompson, John B. Casting Couch
K174 Spencer, Gail Twisted Virgins
K175 Bledsoe, Robert Tropic Of Scorpio
K176 Hitt, Orrie Torrid Wench
K177 Anderton, Ben Love Peeper 1963
K178 Muller, Herb Strange Struggle 1963
K179 Skinner, Michael Blondes Don't Give A Damn 1963
K180 Hitt, Orrie Strip Alley 1963
K181 Snavely, Adam Love Drive 1963
K182 Hitt, Orrie Nude Doll 1963
K183 Bell, Aaron The Girl Who Invented Sex 1963
K184 [anonymous] Male Bride 1963
K185 Weaver, Nicky [Hitt, Orrie] Love, Blood and Tears 1963
K186 Tod, Nick Love On The Rocks 1963
K187 Burke, Jon Wild Cat 1963
K188 Weaver, Nicky [Hitt, Orrie] Love Or Kill Them All 1963
K189 Spain, Nicholas Name Your Vice [Wine, Women and Bullets] 1963
K190 Burke, Jon Wild Honey 1963
K191[unknown] When Men Meet
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