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Series / Serie: A Falcon Book

A Falcon Book, No. 28

PUBLISHER / VERLAG: Falcon Books, Inc, New York, NY

YEARS / ZEITRAUM: ca. 1952

KNOWN TITLES: 21 - 44 / 24 Titles

AUTHORS / VERFASSER: various / verschiedene

NOTE / NOTIZ: Digest Size Paperback - Many suspense and mystery novels, but with great sexy cover illustrations. - See:

Number. Author Title Year Note Source
21 Scott. Anthony [Brett Halliday] Season For Sin 1952 W
22 Reed. Mark [Norman A. Daniels] The Scarlet Bride 1952 W
23 Bottari, Georg Mabel And Men! 1952 PBO W
24 Evens. Hodge [Dudley Dean McGaughy Three For Passion 1952 PBO W
25 Daly, Hamyln [E. Hoffman Price] The Case Of The Cancelled Redhead 1952 PBO W
26 Reed. Mark [Norman A. Daniels] Lay Down And Die 1952 PBO W
27 Dann. Norma [Norman A. Daniels] Lida Lynn 1952 PBO W
28 Weiss. Joe Girls Out Of Hell! 1952 PBO, C: George Gross W
29 Daniels, Norman A. Mistress On A Deathbed 1952 PBO, C: George Gross W
30 Prather. Richard A. Dagger of Flesh! 1952 PBO, C: Rudy Nappi W
31 Roan. Tom Slave Girl 1952
32 Reed. Mark  [Norman A. Daniels] Sins Of The Flesh 1952 PBO, C: George Gross W
33 Evens. Hodge [Dudley Dean McGaughy Yellow-Head! [1952]
34 Dann. Norma [Norman A. Daniels] Shack Girl! [1952]
35 Wade, David [Norman A. Daniels] Raise The Devil 1952 PBO W
36 Craig, Jonathan Junkie! 1952 PBO W
37 Hale, Laura [Fredric Lorenz] Women Hunter 1952 PBO W
38 Daniels, Norman A. Sweet Savage 1952 PBO W
39 Kinsey, Chet Joy Street [1952] W
40 Evens. Hodge [Dudley Dean McGaughy Whip-Hand! [1952] W
41 Hunter. Evan The Evil Sleep 1952 PBO W
42 Walton, Bryce The Long Night 1952 PBO W
43 Reed. Mark  [Norman A. Daniels] House Of A Thousand Desires 1953 PBO W
44 Beckman Jr.. Charles Honky Tonk Girl 1953 PBO W
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