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Case History Book

publisher / verlag: Greenleaf Classics
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1972 [January - June]
volumes / bände: 24 (CH1 - CH24)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Bei allen Titeln handelt es sich um Neuausgaben aus der Serie LATE HOUR LIBRARY des gleichen Verlages.

Nr. Autor Titel reprints: Jahr
CH1 Long, Richard B. Young, Tender And Taboo LL8291972-01
CH2 Elliott, Neil They Pose For Profit LL8231972-01
CH3 Lance & Jill Baker We Followed The Swappers LL8041972-01
CH4 Dana, Theodore & Catherine Love With Restraint LL8091972-01
CH5 Schloesser, Gustav H. / Gault, John Bisexuality And The American Female LL808 1972-02
CH6 Wilson, Dana Girl In Trouble LL830 1972-02
CH7 Allen, Mark / Grayson, Del After Wife Swapping? LL801 1972-02
CH8 Davis, Duane The Strange World Of Satyrs And Nymphs LL815 1972-02
CH9 Gordon, Dale; Ph. D. Sex In The Family: A Study Of Incest, Vol.I LL781 1972-03
CH10 Gordon, Dale; Ph. D. Sex In The Family: A Study Of Incest, Vol.I LL782 1972-03
CH11 Michaels, Michele A Dog In My Bed LL816 1972-03
CH12 Evans, Allen We, The Swappers LL825 1972-03
CH13 Long, Jane A Housewife's Guide To Auto-Erotic Devices In The Home LL824 1972-04
CH14 Long, Richard B. The Groupies LL826 1972-04
CH15 Long, Richard B. Campus Sex Counselor LL796 1972-04
CH16 Gordon, Dale; Ph. D. Fetishim LL765 1972-04
CH17 Napier, Jacques; Ph. D. Sex For Men Over 40 LL783 1972-05
CH18 Long, Richard B. Married Women And Masturbation LL820 1972-05
CH19 Baker, Lance Age Vs. Youth; A Sexual Study LL800 1972-05
CH20 Samuels, Victor J. The Sexually Obsessed LL794 1972-05
CH21 Krebs, Harold A. Get Me A Girl LL773 1972-06
CH22 Standish, Wilson / Macauley, Douglas I, Child Molester LL791 1972-06
CH23 Gantz, Larrabee / Nace, Pierce Sex For Women Over 40 LL795 1972-06
CH24 Clayton, Walter P.; Dr. / Gregory, Stephan Secret Sex Desires Of Male And Female LL793 1972-06
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