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New Library Books

New Library Books

publisher / verlag: Zil Inc., Woodside, NY
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: ca. 1967
volumes / bände: 13 (?) - (NL 326 - NL 338 {hkn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Sachbücher (Case Studies) zum Thema Sex / Erotik - jeweils ca. 160 S. - Band 336 ist derzeit noch unbekannt.

Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
NL 326 Pawlowsky, Roger The Punishment Seekers
("A searching look at the sordid world of the Pain worshippers." Chapters include The Nature of Masochism, The Father of Masochism, Masochism in Man, Masochism in Woman, Sadism and Masochism, Religious Masochism,) 
NL 327 Siegel, Sandor Sex in Prison
(Men and women who discover for the first time, the full unexplored truth about sex life in prison ...)
NL 328 Simmons, Val The Trading Game
(All the male-swappers looking for fulfillment by means of abnormal relationships?)
NL 329 Kornfeld, Robert The Young Cats
("Some girls are born to be chaste. But some girls cannot evade the traps of their destiny, and force themselves into the world's oldest profession.")
NL 330 Friedman, Maurice Homosexual Incest
("Case histories" documenting the secret sex relations between)
NL 331 Nacour, Emile The Sex Criminal
(Some Common Offenders - The Exhibitionist - The Peeping Tom - The Homosexual - The Lesbian - Bestiality - The Necrophiliac - The Incest Offender)
NL 332 Edler, Arthur The Virgin Girl
("Authentic case histories reveal for the first time the traumatic experience of defloration." )
NL 333 Siegel, Sandor Erotica in Exurbia
("Here is the shcoking history of people who live in suburbia and do many thing than others don''t - case studies of suburbanites and their luxurious living in a ghetto at the other end of society.'') 
NL 334 Siegel, Sandor Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Sodomy 1967
NL 335 Mac Dordonan, Miles. M.D. My Husband Was a Woman
("They live in a different world, and follow a different law. Theirs is a world wthout men. Yet, violence is the undercurrent that nourishes their twisted passions!") 
NL 336
NL 337 Harris, John Country Boy
(An amazing story portraying the traumatic experiences of the homosexual male.")
NL 338 Kuster, Al Self Service Sex
(A complete new study on the subject of male and female auto-eroticism)
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First Niter

publisher / verlag:Satellite Publications
New York, NY. [was real location but listed adresses in:]
Buffalo, NY.
Culver City, CA.
Cleveland, OH.
country / landUSA
years / zeitraum:1963 - 1967
volumes / bände:65 (FN101 - FN116, FN217 - FN 260, F109A -F112A, F131A)
authors / verfasser:various / verschiedene
notes / notizen:Excellent cover art in full color by Eric Stanton, Gene Bilbrew, and Bill Ward - Die Nummerierung sprang aus unerfindlichen Gründen von FN116 zu FN217.

Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
FN 101 Polk, Richard Strange Hungers  {Eric Stanton} 1963
FN 102 Kosloff, Myron Running Wild 1963
FN 103 Muller, Herb Swapping in Suburbia
FN 104 Paker, Jon Tormented Virgin
FN 105 Willow, Peter Lesbos Jungle
FN 106 Justin, Robert Sin Strippers {Eric Stanton}
FN 107 Parker, Jon Camp for Sinners {Eric Stanton}
FN 108 Kosloff, Myron Lust Ranch {Eric Stanton}
FN 109 Tarpoff, Ivan Bizarre
FN 109A Gordon, Grace Passion Doctor
FN 110 Kosloff, Myron Dial "P" for Pleasure
FN 110A Turner, Andrew Wicked & Depraved
FN 111 Val, Pierre Du French Dressing {Eric Stanton} 1964
FN 111A Parker, JonCall Me Later1964
FN 112 Bond, Howard Sex Takes A Holiday {Eric Stanton} 1964
FN 112A Farrell, MontyFruit Town  {Eric Stanton}
FN 113 Allen, Richard Twisted  {Eric Stanton} 1965
FN 114 Conway, Bud Little Gay Girls  {Eric Stanton} 1965
FN 115 Conroy, Pat Even Swap 1965
FN 116 Parker, Jon Sea Madame {Eric Stanton} 1965
FN 217 Allen, Richard Midnight Peeper (Eric Stanton) 1965
FN 218 Kosloff, Myron Tormented Bride (Gene Bilbrew) 1965
FN 219 Sawyer, Gary No Man's Land {Eric Stanton} 1965
FN 220 Willow, Peter Hole in One 1965
FN 221 Farrell, Monty Lesbos Beach 1965
FN 222 Dean, Anthony Intruder 1965
FN 223 Conway,  Bud Party Swappers {Eric Stanton} 1965
FN 224 Parker, Jon Sex Carnival 1965
FN 225 Kosloff, Myron Desire and Discipline  1965
FN 226 White, Charlene Marks of Evil 1965
FN 227 Dean, Larry Subjected {Eric Stanton} 1965
FN 228 Willow, Peter Hitch Hiker {Eric Stanton} 1966
FN 229 Conway, Bud Slave Girl {Gene Bilbrew} 1966
FN 230 Corwin, Bruce Ranch Boss {Eric Stanton} 1966
FN 231 Marshall, Edward Discipline Hour {Gene Bilbrew} 1966
FN 231A Allison, Glenn New Bride 1966
FN 232 Willow, Peter Castaways {Gene Biblrew} 1966
FN 233 Willow, Peter Blueprint for Sin 1966
FN 234 Winston, Bob Star Stripper {Bill Ward} 1966
FN 235 Morrow, Jo Play Ball{Gene Bilbrew} 1966
FN 236 Parker, Jon Free Admission
FN 237 Dennis, Allen Over Anxious
FN 238 Wynn, Fay All the Way {Gene Bilbrew}
FN 239 Braun, Lisa Captured
FN 240 Landon, Fred Door to Door {Bill Ward}
FN 241 Paige, Doreen Off and Gone {Gen Bilbrew}
FN 242 Willow, Peter House Call
FN 243 Kosloff, Myron Set Up {Eric Stanton} 1967
FN 244 Dennis, Sean Nature Trail 1967
FN 245 Sherwood, Paula Feeling No Pain {Eric Stanton} 1967
FN 246 Carter, John Money To Burn  1967
FN 247 Hyland, Carol Swamp Spree{Eric Stanton} 1967
FN 248 Preston, Paul Penthouse Maids 1967
FN 249 Davis, Duane, The Gay Sound 1967
FN 250 Delon, Ruth Wild and Winsome {Bill Alexander} 1967
FN 251 Patterson, Owen Half-Stoned {Gene Bilbrew} 1967
FN 252 Fletcher, Jack One Too Many {Eric Stanton} 1967
FN 253 Parker, Jon The Long Night {Eric Stanton} 1967
FN 254 Peters, Marcia Shake Down {Bill Ward} 1967
FN 255 Nelson, Bob Avalanche of Lust {Eric Stanton} 1967
FN 256 Dean, Anthony Top and Bottom 1967
FN 257 Shaw, Nell Deluxe Treatment 1967
FN 258 Kosloff, Myron Guest List {Eric Stanton} 1967
FN 259 Conway, Bud Miss Mate 1967
FN 260 Swain, Max Houseboy 1967
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Japan Bondage Roman

publisher / verlag: Amber Verlag | Kleve [Tokio] {zum Teil auch: Kohaku-Press | Hamburg - Tokyo]
country / land Deutschland
years / zeitraum: s.a.
volumes / bände: 12 (1 - 12 {hbn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Taschenbuch, ca. 21 x 15 cm - Band 5 ist noch unbekannt.

Serie: 00006de#####

Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
001 [ohne Angabe] Schimas Traum s.a.
002 [ohne Angabe] Kohanas Lektion s.a.
003 [ohne Angabe] Handbuch für den Zuchtmeister, Band 1 s.a.
004 [ohne Angabe] Handbuch für den Zuchtmeister, Band 2
(84 pp, 52 Ill.)
006 [ohne Angabe] Sutomos Traumland s.a.
007 lps Takahashi und Shimita im Land der Lüste s.a.
008 lps Die Zähmung der stolzen Nao s.a.
009 Missbraucht und erniedrigt (128 pp) s.a.
010 Mäki, Reijo Der Erbe s.a.
011 Alex Das Leiden japanischer Mädchen s.a.
012 Alex Die Demut des Mädchens Shono s.a.
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Lasher Edition

publisher / verlag: Star Distributors LTD., New York NY.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: ca. 1978 - 1983
volumes / bände: # (LE-1 - LE-36 {hkn])
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Sadistisch-masochistische Romane, Illustration von DiMulatto, Umfang jeweils ca. 180 - 190 S. - Internetangebote nennen für die ersten Bände ein Erscheinungsjahr von 1970, dies erscheint unwahrscheinlich. Die Übersicht ist noch lückenhaft.

Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
LE-01 Mordread, Halston Lessons in Submission 1970 (?)
LE-02 Harris, Mary The Breaking Point 1980 (?)
LE-05 Smith, L. K. Dominant Woman, Tortured Husbands 1980 (?)
LE-06 Morrea, Halston Masters of  Submission 1970 (?)
LE-07 Little Sarah's Slave Training
LE-08 Morda, Estaban The Disobedient Daughter
LE-11 Hall, Martin Beyond Pain 1979
LE-12 Marshall, Mindy The Terror of Blackmoor School 1979
LE-14 Hammer, Mark Revenge of the Pain Master 1979
LE-17 Stephens Janice's Weekend of Terror 1979
LE-20 Grimly, John Carmel's Painful Lessons 1979
LE-21 Journey of Torture 1981
LE-23 Lesbian Pain Mistress 1981
LE-26 Tortured by Savages 1982
LE-29 Dungeon for Chained Slaves
LE-30 Beauties in Bondage
LE-33 Fonda, Tom Sadist Training
LE-34 Sharp, Ken Brutal Bondage 1983
LE-35 Porter, Jan Valerie's Torment 1983
LE-36 Mann, Bill Penthouse of Pain
0000 I, a Dominatrix
0000 Trial's of the Virgin Captice
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publisher / verlag: Sadoma Presse, Berlin
country / land Deutschland
years / zeitraum: 1973-1974
volumes / bände: 4 (101-104)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Sadistisch-masochistische Romane

Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
101 Williams, Andrea In Lust und Schmerz vereint 1973
102 Flogger, Arthur William Damenpoker 1973
103 Kinsley, Kirk Rache der Peitsche 1974
104 Hazzard, Joe Schergen der Pein 1974
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