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An Ember Book

publisher / verlag: Greenleaf Classics, Evanstown Il., [later:] San Diego Ca.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1963
volumes / bände: 52 (EB 901- EB 952)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische taschenbuchreihe, s.a.

EB 916


Nummer Autor Titel Titelbild
EB 901 Wellman, Don Flesh Act Smith, Ed
EB 902 Eliot, Dan Dial O-R-G-Y
EB 903 King, Wiliam Strumpet
EB 904 Shole, Andrew Sin Babes
EB 905 Eliot, Dan Nympho
EB 906 Shole, Andrew Lust Team
EB 907 Calvin, Tony Call Boy
EB 908 Anderson, Clyde Sin Merchant
EB 909 Baxter, John Flesh Hammer
EB 910 Shole, Andrew Orgy House
EB 911 Holliday, Don Lust Swamp
EB 912 Eliot, Dan Flesh Games
EB 913 Eliot, Dan Sin Hellion
EB 914 Calvin, Tony The Ravagers
EB 915 Baxter, John Sin Pit
EB 916 Marsh, Alan Loser's Lust
EB 917 Marsh, Alan Sin Swap
EB 918 King William Passion Road
EB 919 Baxter, John Sin Binge
EB 920 Anderson, Clyde Lust Gamble Bonfils, Robert
EB 921 Dexter, John Shame Cult
EB 922 Holliday, Don Wanted: Sin Men
EB 923 Williams, J. X. Passsion Proxy
EB 924 Calvano, Tony Lust Mob
EB 925 Dexter, John Passion Ring
EB 926 Williams, J. X. Lust Lease
EB 927 Allison, Clyde The Flesh Game
EB 928 Calvano, Tony Cult of Shame
EB 929 Allison, Clyde Flesh Hungry
EB 930 Elliott, Don Sin Made
EB 931 Williams, J. X Orgy Cruise
EB 932 Dexter, John Lust Kill
EB 933 Holliday, Don Carnal Code
EB 934 Shaw, Andrew The Lust Ladder
EB 935 Hudson, Dean West End Wanton
EB 936 Elliott, Don Sin Circuit
EB 937 Dexter, John Passion Couch Bonfils, Robert
EB 938 Marshall, Alan Sin Hidden
EB 939 Williams, J. X. Lust Farm Bonfils, Robert
EB 940 Shaw, Andrew Call Girl School
EB 941 Dexter, John Lust Lobby Bonfils, Robert
EB 942 Marshall, Alan Passion Prowl
EB 943 Bellmore, Don Shame Agent
EB 944 Elliot, Don Flesh Taker
EB 945 Williams, J. X Passion Ph. D.
EB 946 Dexter, John Lost House of Sin
EB 947 Kane, William Shame Circle
EB 948 Calvano, Tony The Satin Vise
EB 949 Dexter, John Flesh Flower
EB 950 Kane, William The Seducer
EB 951 Allsion, Clyde Shame Market
EB 952 Holliday, Don Luster's Lane
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Wing Books

publisher / verlag: Pioneer Publishing Co., Las Vegas, NV.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1965
volumes / bände: 2
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe'

No cover available


Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
WB 101 Blackton, Cal Love Thy Neighbor's Wife
WB 102 Booth, N. E. Strip for aAtion


WLP / Windsor Library Press

publisher / verlag: MANCHESTER PUBLICATIONS 3010 Park Newport Drive, Newport Beach, California
later:  a mail drop at PO Box 20127, 3375 Camino del Rio South, San Diego, California 92120
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1973 - 1976 (?)
volumes / bände: # (101 - 194 {hkn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe'



Nummer Autor Titel
WLP-101Cameron, RayCoerced Into Swapping
WLP-102Simmons, JasonForced to Please
WLP-103Conway, RobertThe Politican's Plaything
WLP-109Harrison, NormanThe Girl Who Licked the World
WLP-113Fedahk, FatimaThe Sexorcist
WLP-114"F"His Nephew's Bride
WLP-115Mille, Frederica deThe Ravished Mother
WLP-117Hibbeler, RayBar Stool Stella
WLP-118"F"Curious About Swapping
WLP-120Conroy, MarkA Young Teacher's Fear
WLP-122Kaufman, PaulaThe Blackmailed Neighbors
WLP-123Mille, Frederica dePeace Corps Bride
WLP-124Conroy, MarkThe Intimate Housewives
WLP-125Kaufman, PaulaA Young Girl's Secret Urge
WLP-126Conroy, MarkVoluptuous Domination
WLP-128Allison, BradBrother and Sister
WLP-130Ferguson, JimDoing It With His Aunt
WLP-131St. Cyr, WilliamThe Sorority Initiation
WLP-133Kaufman, PaulaBrotherly Love
WLP-134Parrish, SuzanneSecond Family
WLP-142Edgars, JasonTeacher's Torrid Obsession
WLP-144Gore, JeromeMother, Son and Daughter
WLP-145Cousins, JeffThe Boy's Lady Coach
WLP-147Aldrich, CurtLittle Beth's Boyfriends
WLP-152Aldrich, CurtSister Does It
WLP-155Aldrich, CurtLittle Sister's Initiation
WLP-156Elcord, DonThe Swap Suck
WLP-157Jamison, GaryOooh, Daddy
WLP-160Archer, DougAnnie's Dirty Diary
WLP-161Crane, JeffHot-Mouthed Girls
WLP-162Aldrich, CurtThe Push-Over Wife
WLP-164Archer, DougThat Awful Dildo
WLP-166Crane, JeffNew Stepmother
WLP-168Aldrich, CurtBettyann's Lecherous Teacher
WLP-170Elcord, DonThe Warm, Soft Woman
WLP-174Crane, JeffThe Amateur
WLP-175Elcord, DonMassage Parlor Girl
WLP-176Lockwood, G. BennettVirgin in Bondage
WLP-177Lockwood, G. BennettElevator Girl
WLP-179Cooper, James H.The Peeping Schoolgirl
WLP-180Carson, MerleMother's Perverted Bondage
WLP-184Benson, HarryThe Degraded Tennis Star
WLP-186Crane, JeffThe Lady Golfers
WLP-188Henry, WillThe Spanked Cardriver
WLP-194Fletcher, DarylThe Ballerina's Perversion


A Vixen Book

publisher / verlag: The Vixen Press, New York NY
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1951 - 1955
volumes / bände: zur Zeit 40 Titel bekannt
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Hardcover editions with dust jackets, listings in alphabetical order by author name, since no book numbers are known. Some titles also appeared later (1956) at Modern Press, Green Farm Conn. as 'A Modern Book'. There may have been other, currently unknown titles. / Hardcoverausgaben mit Schutzumschlag, Listung in alphabetischer Reihenfolge nach Verfassernamen, da keine Bandnummern bekannt. Einige Titel erschienen auch später (1956) bei Modern Press, Green Farm Conn. als 'A Modern Book'. Möglicherweise gab es weitere, mir derzeit nicht bekannte Titel.

Informations from an ebay offer: I am somewhat surprised no one has written a biography of Vixen Press of the apparent founder Gilbert (Gil) Fox. Especially considering Gil not only was friends with Bizarre fetish illustratorbut also because he reportedly was involved in some most unusual and nefarious Greenwich Village sexual antics...including the earliest LSD experiments carried out on behalf of Uncle Sam. You can read up on that particular aspect of the story in "Sex, Drugs & the CIA" by Douglas Valentine. I get spooked when spooks are involved, so you are on your own if you want to pursue this area of research!
The book TIMES SQUARE SMUT available from contains much more information on Vixen Press. 

Perhaps no one has paid attention to the Vixen books because they are hardbacks. Most of the vintage sleaze action is in lurid covered paperbacks. But this line of spicy stories certainly qualify as well. Though hardcovers, they are still cheap, tawdry and one hundred percent grade a certified sleaze. They are also, when and if you can find them, quite affordable since no one has bothered to collect them. All are now nearly 60 years old, so certainly they must be getting harder to find, even more so with the dust-jackets intact, as all listed now do.
Not long after meeting Willie, Gil Fox began writing his own sleaze for Woodford Press. Jack Woodford is a curious fellow in his own "write" and somehow managed to mingle with the sleaziest of sleazes, yet achieve a considerable degree of literary respect as well. Another Pandora's box for you.
Not long after, likely 1953, Gil set up Vixen Press at 125 Christopher Street in New York City. 125 Christopher Street was also the location of the Alfred Hitchcock's film Rear Window (!) At least before they changed the address to 125 West 9th Street in the movie. There is an understanding in the film business that murder films use phony addresses. There is no 125 West 9th Street, but Gil's place sits there still at 125 Christopher.
So Vixen Books was an apartment operation and seems to have been primarily an outlet for writers other than Gil. Barry Devlin, one of the most prolific Vixen writers, was selling work which was published as Beacon paperbacks at the same time. Another was the mysterious Justin Kent, the pseudonym of a writer who testified against Edward Miskin in an obscenity trial. Vixen Press apparently put out a book a month or so. They were likely distributed in the sleazy Times Square bookshops, but they were also distributed by Associated Booksellers in Westport, CT. and at least one other outside of the tri-state area, Indianapolis Distributing Company.
Some of the original Vixen titles were subsequently published as paperbacks with new titles. Moon-kissed by Barry Devlin came out under the title Forbidden Pleasures as a Berkley book. Kim Savage also had a paperback titled Helen's House published by Beacon. Mark Tryon's The Fire That Burns came out as a paperback with the byline "Girls who pose for anything" on the cover. It is more than possible others were republished in paper with entirely new titles and authors credited. For that matter, and for all I know, ALL of them were written by Fox, but in particular I have seen a reference somewhere that Kim Savage was Gil Fox, though I am not sure.
In the notes to Girls Lie Back Everywhere: The Law of Obscenity and the Assault on Genius by Edward de Grazia (1972) one Vixen book (Sweeter Than Life by Mark Tryon) was called "the forerunner of the sex pulp novels so numerous in the sixties; It contained a prominent lesbian theme and it seems to have had no appreciable literary value. (The book) is described in some detail in Felice Flannery Lewis, Literature, Obscenity and Law (1976) 180-181. Fair enough.
There WAS an obscenity case brought against Gil Fox...U.S vs. Gilbert Fox, Vixen Press et al, involving four of the titles. I am not sure the outcome, nor do I know if Mr. Fox spent any time in the steel bar hen house.


Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
0000 Devlin, Barry Acapulco Nocturne 1952
0000 Devlin, Barry Chains of Silk 1954
0000 Devlin, Barry Fire & Ice 1952
0000 Devlin, Barry Gold-Plated Sin 1953
0000 Devlin, Barry Lovers and Madmen 1953
0000 Devlin, Barry Madam Big 1953
0000 Devlin, Barry Moon-Kissed 1953
0000 Devlin, Barry No Holds Barred 1954
0000 Devlin, Barry Other Loves 1955
0000 Devlin, Barry This Paris 1955
0000 Kent, Justin Fast Curve 1953
0000 Kent, Justin Mavis 1953
0000 Lucas, Rick Boss-Lady 1954
0000 Lucas, Rick Complex Mother 1955
0000 Lucas, Rick Dreamboat 1955
0000 Lucas, Rick Rogues and Riches 1954
0000 Lucas, Rick Strange Journey 1954
0000 Morro, Don Sweet and 20 1955
0000 Norday, Michael Dark Magic 1954
0000 Norday, Michael Desolate Sands 1955
0000 Norday, Michael Flashy Fists 1955
0000 Norday, Michael Mask of Night 1954
0000 Norday, Michael On With the Dance! 1954
0000 Norday, Michael Stage for Fools 1955
0000 Savage, Kim Baby Makes Three 1953
0000 Savage, Kim Bent to Evil 1952
0000 Savage, Kim Girl's Dorm 1952
0000 Savage, Kim Hellion 1951
0000 Savage, Kim Lazylegs
0000 Savage, Kim Weekend 1952
0000 Stone, Scott Blaze 1954
0000 Stone, Scott Countess Margo 1955
0000 Stone, Scott Devil's Web 1955
0000 Stone, Scott Joanne 1955
0000 Stone, Scott Shadow in Scarlet 1954
0000 Tryon, Mark The Fire That Burns
0000 Tryon, Mark The Sinning Lens 1953
0000 Tryon, Mark Stage-Struck 1954
0000 Tryon, Mark Sweeter than Live 1954
0000 Tryon, Mark Take It Off! 1953


Vest Pocket Books

publisher / verlag: Vest Pocket Books, New York
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1962
volumes / bände: 4 (= 2 doubles)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe

Vintage adult paperbacks featuring covers of supermodel/actress June Wilkinson, a noted Russ Meyer favorite, Lili St. Cyr look-alike Judi Bamber, & a third uncredited model. Vest Pocket Books issued only four titles, each housed in cardboard photo cover boxes, two books per box, images repeated on both box & book (except Carnival Sin & Motel Girl).

Orrie Hitt authored the first two, he probably wrote the others. Paperback sleaze gems, lacking certain 4-letter words, & uncommon pinup appearances. Carnival of Sin (VP101, 1962, Orrie Hitt, June Wilkinson both images). Playpet (VP102, 1962, Orrie Hitt, Judi Bamber both images). Box 1 Very Good Plus. Strange Sin (VP103, 1962, D.W. Craig, unknown model). Motel Girl (VP104, 1962, A.E. Oliver, Judi Bamber both images).  {from ebay offer}


Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
VP-101 Hitt, Orrie Carnival Sin  1962
VP-102 Hitt, Orrie Play Pet 1962
VP-101 / VP-102 Hitt, Orrie Carnival Sin / Play Pet 1962
VP-103 Craig, D. W. Strange Sin 1962
VP-104 Oliver, A. E. Motel Girl 1962
VP-103 / VP-104 Craig, D. W. / Oliver, A. E. Strange Sin / Motel Girl 1962


Twilight Reader

publisher / verlag: Tuxedo Books Inc. | 154 Nassau Street, New York, NY.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: ca. 1963 - 1965
volumes / bände: ca. 15 (101-114)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen


Nummer Autor Titel
TR 101 - -
TR 102 Robinson, Gene D. Red-Hot and Ready
TR 103 Marmor, Arnold  Flesh Trap
TR 104 Bessie, Oscar  Sex Tease
TR 105 Bessie, Oscar  Passion Peddler
TR 106 Robinson, Gene D. Lust Master
TR 107 Pamby, Everett Lust Snatchers
TR 108 Brunswick, James The Lust Busters
TR 109 Rollins, Amory  The Stag Chicks
TR 110 - -
TR 111Stahl, Henry Flesh Harlot
TR 112 Burd, Bill Lust Rack
TR 113Danglon, Art Orgy Mob
TR 114 Byrant, Paul Sex Lush

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. Some bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.

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Tuxedo Books

publisher / verlag: Tuxedo Books Inc. | 154 Nassau Street, New York, NY.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: ca. 1962
volumes / bände: ca. 25 (#-#)
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe


Nummer Autor Titel
101 Tralins, Bob Congo Lust
102 Tralins, Bob Naked Hills [Hillbilly Nympho]
103 Lynford, Richard The Hot Pigeon
104 Dudgeon. Robert  Sex Bait
105 Young, Arrow Dance of Lust
106 Robinson, Gene Perverted Desires
107 Tralins, Bob Law of Lust
108 Robinson, Gene Naked Sin
109 Herson, Etienne du Campus Mistress
110 Robbins, Rex Petting Place
111 Larson, Martin A. Wanton Sinner
112 Nemec, John Sin Caravan
113 Robinson, Gene D. Passion Trip
114 Koby, Dale  Sin Lens
115 Nemec, John Sin Caravan
116 Nemec, John Pleasure Girl
117 Marmor, Arnold Warped Passions
118 Robbins, Rex What Every Man Wants
119 Morgan, Manley X.  Film Strip
120 Moore, Jack Sex Merry-Go-Round
120 Thake, Tony Willing Women
[alternative title]
121 Marmor, Arnold The House of a Thousand Sins
122 Koby, Dale Vice, Inc.
123 Bessie, Oscar The Queer Frenzy
124 Holborn, Hi Raw Lust

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. Some bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.


Topper Edition

publisher / verlag: Pioneer Publishing Co., Las Vegas NV.
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1965
volumes / bände: 3
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe


Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
TE 101 Becker, M. R. Over the Edge of Lust 1965
TE 102
TE 103 Barry, Brad The Casting Couch of Sexcess 1965
TE 104 Arrow, Dirk Naked on the Grass 1965


Spartan Line [Novels]

publisher / verlag: Pioneer Publishing Co., Las Vegas, NV.
country / landUSA
years / zeitraum: 1965 - 1967
volumes / bände: 66 (101 - 166 {hkn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe


Nummer Autor Titel
SL 101Caruso, FrankDouble Exposure on Lust
SL 102Piermont, DolfThe Sex Set
SL 103Trevor, CharlesFront Man for Sin
SL 104Mitchel, Matt  The Big Sin Crazed
SL 105Demar, OlinDeviate Lust Lady
SL 106--
SL 107Hale, NatLust Your Buddies' Wife
SL 108Shore, C.B.Lez Be Good to Me
SL 109Artz, ArturoFrom Studsville to Dykesville
SL 110Webb, HaroldThe Big Business of Lust
SL 111Reed, MattyTo Bed for Stardom
SL 112Birch, GeneLeather Whips and Private Orgies
SL 113Hayes, Wm. G.On Stage Orgy
SL 114Feld, HernMore than He Could Give Her
SL 115Laurents, DonDepraved Lust Boys
SL 116Trevor, CalSadistic Sin Stud
SL 117Krissel, KingDeviate Street Stud
SL 118Scott, JonPervert's in the Paradise
SL 119Tithing, JoshLust on the Run
SL 120--
SL 121--
SL 122Fed, Cal deArt Colony Perverts
SL 123--
SL 124Lindley, VicSin Stud's Mark
SL 125Bruno, A.R.She Craved Lust
SL 126--
SL 127Newkirk, RodSex Tortion
SL 128Petrie, HalRoaming Stud
SL 129Numens, EricShame Trap
SL 130--
SL 131--
SL 132Brensen, AlanLust People
SL 133Danison, RayLust Hoofer
SL 134Deskins, DrewPlay the Sin Field
SL 135--
SL 136Vanders, AllenLeacher's Lane
SL 137Arnold, RodSex Mates
SL 138Sorvath, MartinSin Voyage
SL 139Witman, JoelLust Diversion
SL 140Walman, BramShameless Charmer
SL 141Markel, JohnArdent Sin Set
SL 142--
SL 143Blair, KenStarway to Lust
SL 144Maisell, EarlFamily Sin Secret
SL 145Davis, ClarkKnights of Lust
SL 146--
SL 147-Shame Schemer
SL 148Carter, EarlSinner's Touch
SL 149--
SL 150Morgan, C. L.Eager Lust Pair
SL 151--
SL 152Thorpe, F.L.Final Desire
SL 153--
SL 154--
SL 155--
SL 156--
SL 157--
SL 158--
SL 159--
SL 160Raven, PeggyPlan for Lust
SL 161Corviere, AdamThe Love Bounce
SL 162Lafarre, JoelShameless Game
SL 163--
SL 164Spencer, RickAdequate Male
SL 165--
SL 166Morgan, C.L.Eager Lust Pair (??? qv 150)
SL 167--
SL 168--
SL 169--
SL 170--

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. A lot of bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'. 


High Adventure for Adults

publisher / verlag: Playboy Books / Berkley Books
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1982 - 1985
volumes / bände: 19
authors / verfasser: John Cleve
notes / notizen: amerikanische Taschenbuchreihe

Band 1


Nummer Autor Titel
01Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]of alien bondage
02Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]corundum's woman
03Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]escape from macho
04Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]satana enslaved
05Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]master of misfit
06Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]purrfect plunder
07Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]the manhuntress
08Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]under twin suns
09Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]in quest of qalara
10Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, Geo W. Proctor]the yoke of shen
11Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, Jack C. Haldeman II, Vol Haldeman]the iceworld connection
12Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, G.C. Edmondson]star slaver
13Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, Victor Koman]jonuta rising!
14Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, Robin Kincaid]assignment: hellhole
15Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, Victor Koman]starship sapphire
16Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, Roland J. Green]the planet murderer
17Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, Dwight V. Spain]the carnadyne horde
18Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt, Robin Kincaid]race across the stars
19Cleve John [Andre J. Offutt]king of the slavers

The checklists in vintage porn and sleaze paperbacks are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on informations from the INTERNET. There are no links to the individual bibliographic records. A lot of bibliographic information can be found in the 'BADBOOKER'S ADULT BOOKS CATALOG'.



publisher / verlag: Star-Verlag, Baden-Baden [teils: Top-Star Verlag, Baden-Baden]
country / land Deutschland
years / zeitraum: 1972 ff.
volumes / bände: 126 (1 - 126 {hbn})
authors / verfasser: Stefan Fuchs / nicht angegeben
notes / notizen:
  • als STARFIGHTER SEXSELLER teils 2 Ausgaben pro Veröffentlichungstermin / Ausgaben: 1-86 (87), Preis (-58: 3,- DM; ab 59 od. 60: 4,- DM, teilweise 14 täglich)
  • fortgesetzt als SONDERKLASSE SEXROMAN[E] Ausgaben: 88-126, spätestens ab Band 96 Doppelbände, ab Band 117 ohne Serienbezeichnung (Angaben lt. Internetangeboten)
Band 3

Band 124


Nummer Autor Titel Notiz
0001 Fuchs, Stefan Einsatz in Hamburg
0002 Fuchs, Stefan Bauchlandung
0003 Fuchs, Stefan Durchstarten 1972 (94)
0004 Fuchs, Stefan Sturzflug mit Nachbrenner 1972 (92)
0005 Fuchs, Stefan Loopings in den Federn
0006 Fuchs, Stefan Knall und Fall
0007 Fuchs, Stefan Der umschwärmte Masseur
0008 Fuchs, Stefan Rückenflug
0009 Fuchs, Stefan Starfighters Testflüge
0010 Fuchs, Stefan Geboren, Sex zu geben
0011 Fuchs, Stefan Tiefangriffe 1972 (91)
0012 Fuchs, Stefan Senkrechtstarter 1973 (92)
0013 Fuchs, Stefan Abschmieren
0014 Fuchs, Stefan Nachtjäger
0015 Fuchs, Stefan Gefährliche Zwischenlandungen
0016 Fuchs, Stefan Steckschüsse im Heck 1973 (93)
0017 Fuchs, Stefan Treibstoff zwischen den Schenkeln
0018 Fuchs, Stefan Drück' auf die Tube
0019 Fuchs, Stefan Durchbrich die Schallmauer
0020 Fuchs, Stefan Mach 31
0021 Fuchs, Stefan Abgespritzt
0022 Fuchs, Stefan Perfekte Rückenlage
0023 Fuchs, Stefan Kettenflüge 197? (93)
0024 Fuchs, Stefan Rotiert mit dem Schwanz
0025 Fuchs, Stefan Gleitflug über Sylt
0026 Fuchs, Stefan Hat abgeprotzt
0027 Fuchs, Stefan Zielpunkt Husenbüttel
0028 Fuchs, Stefan Notlandung im Saft
0029 Fuchs, Stefan Solo für einen Acker
0030 Fuchs, Stefan Sturz in die Spalte
0031 Fuchs, Stefan Lustlandungen
0032 Fuchs, Stefan Samenstösse
0033 Fuchs, Stefan Schüsse aus dem Dudelsack 1973 (92)
0034 Fuchs, Stefan Zucken im Getriebe
0035 Fuchs, Stefan Kronengriff und Zungenspiel
0036 Fuchs, Stefan Dauerlutscher
0037 Fuchs, Stefan Lippenslalom
0038 Fuchs, Stefan Absturz am Niederrhein
0039 Fuchs, Stefan Bodenübungen
0040 Fuchs, Stefan Test im Tiefflug
0041 Fuchs, Stefan Nacktjäger
0042 Fuchs, Stefan Doppeldecker 197? (92)
0043 Fuchs, Stefan Feuer aus der Düse
0044 Fuchs, Stefan Erhöht das Tempo 197? (92)
0045 Fuchs, Stefan Griffe von unten
0046 Fuchs, Stefan Blaskonzert
0047 Fuchs, Stefan Kamikaze 197? (92)
0048 Fuchs, Stefan Sonderurlaub von der Nille
0049 Fuchs, Stefan Seevögeleien
0050 Fuchs, Stefan In See gestochen
0051 Fuchs, Stefan Sascha holt ihn runter
0052 Fuchs, Stefan Saftige Kondensstreifen
0053 Fuchs, Stefan Schwarze Lappen
0054 Fuchs, Stefan Schnellschüsse
0055 Fuchs, Stefan Ritt auf krausen Haaren
0056 Fuchs, Stefan Star Fighters Hammer
0057 Fuchs, Stefan Sack-Gasse
0058 Fuchs, Stefan Luftlöcher mit Haaren
0059 Fuchs, Stefan Kräftig durchgezogen 197? (?)
0060 Fuchs, Stefan Sturz in die Schlangengrube
0061 Fuchs, Stefan Schüsse in Evita
0062 Fuchs, Stefan Landung in Glitscherspalten
0063 Fuchs, Stefan Schwanz in der Heide
0064 Fuchs, Stefan Abfotografiert
0065 Fuchs, Stefan Pralle Schenkel
0066 Fuchs, Stefan Spritzt im Hotel
0067 Fuchs, Stefan Stösst sich durch
0069 Fuchs, Stefan Sex in der Höhe (90)
0071 Fuchs, Stefan Es röhrt in Palermo (90)
0072 Fuchs, Stefan Mamas Liebling (90)
0073 Fuchs, Stefan Jet-Spiele (90)
0074 Fuchs, Stefan Im Loch (90)
0075 Fuchs, Stefan Wer lang hat ... (90)
0077 Fuchs, Stefan Auf Boss Helene (90)
0078 Fuchs, Stefan Sturzflug auf die Madonna (90)
0083 Fuchs, Stefan Raketen in der Möse (90)
0085 Fuchs, Stefan Solo-Nummer für Sabine (90)
0086 Fuchs, Stefan Bum-Bum am Niederrhein (90)
0088 Der Fuchsschwanz von Heidelberg (94)
0089 Es juckt in allen Lagen (94)
0090 Samenorgien ohne Ende (96)
0091 Saftig-süsse Spritzereien (96)
0092 Supebumser in der Heide (94)
0096 Schicksals Nummern
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0099 Blas' mir einen, Süsse
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0102 Schwarzer Busch, feuchte Hitze
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0103 Probier es in dem andern Loch
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0104 Dicker Pimmel in der Musch
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0105 Jetzt steht er richtig, steck ihn rein!
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0108 Dein geiler Arch bringt mich noch um!
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0109 Schmeck die salzig-feuchten Haare
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0111 Spritz auf meinen Bauch
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0112 Quetsch mir die Eier
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0115 Immer wird er vor dir stehen
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0116 Zungenschlag am Eichelkranz
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0117 Heil Dir im Eichelkranz
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0119 Am Abend auf der Scheide
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0120 Bei Mama passte der der Stengel rein
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0121 Seid geil zueinander
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0122 Stösse in der Unterwelt
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0123 Ein geiler Hahn steht gern auf Fett
[Zwei abgeschlossene Romane]
0124 Schabracken rauf und Hosen runter (88 + 158)
0125 Es steht ein Schwanz am Badestrand(156)
0126 Ein Weiberarsch will Zärtlichkeit (189)