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Adult Fantasy Press

Adult Fantasy Press 

publisher / verlag: [Adult Fantasy Press]
location / ort-
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1993
volumes / bände: 27 [AFP-3001 - AFP-3027 {hkn}]
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: -
source / quelle: A++ 

Number. Author Title Year Note Source
AFP-3001 Marsh. Alex Joan's Swap Desires [aka 'Reluctant Wives'] 1993 same as DBB-101 & SML-120 A
AFP-3002 Esterville. George Non-Stop Orgy

AFP-3003 Croft. George Room Service Sex 1993 same as RY-173 A
AFP-3004 Moore, Walter Round Robin Nympho 1993 same as WJ-168 A

AFP-3006 R.. Lisa The Housewife's Orgy 1993 same asSWP-369 A
AFP-3007 Turner. Belinda Erotic Massage Girl 1993 same as GRL-118 A

AFP-3009 James. Anthony Secretary Lust


AFP-3011 Greene. Lester Twins Experiment 1993 same as GGL-142 A


AFP-3014 Aldrich. Curt The Lady Jockey 1993 same as STAG-110 & WKG-118 A

AFP-3016 Rycroft. Mary Sex School For Brides 1993 same as GGL-135 A


AFP-3019 Ward. Barry Secretary Sally's Surprise 1993 same as BLE-109 & WKG-173 A
AFP-3020 Addison. David The Landlady's Eviction Notice 1993 same as STAG-123 A
AFP-3021 Edwards. Al Bottomless Dancer's Surprise 1993 same as RY-150 & SLE-163 A
AFP-3022 Tayler. Craig Marge Navy Wife


AFP-3024 Myers. Stan Handy Man 1993 same as M-32-492 & M-60144 & M-60672 & M-61251 A

AFP-3026 Camden. Fred The Bikini Model 1993 same as YH-112 A
AFP-3027 Bender. Michael Over Friendly Housewife 1993
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The checklists in AlTaBu-Datenbank. Reihen/Serien are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on various bibliographic sources or informations from the INTERNET. 
  • A - Unpublished Booklist by Achim von Wiedner
  • B - Badbookers Catalogue (Vers. 2020)
  • D - Informations from a collector
  • W - Jon Warren - Official Price Guide Paperbacks, New York 1991
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