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Merit Books

Merit Books

publisher / verlag: Camerarts Pub. Co. 
location / ortChicago
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1960 - 1965
volumes / bände:ca. 285 [MB-351 - MB-355; MB-500 - MB-559; MB-601 -  MB-699; MB-6100 - MB-6103; 6-M-400 - 6-M-493; 7-M-800 - 7-M-820]

still unknown: MB-664, MB-665, MB-667, MB-670, MB-673, MB-677, 6-M-400, 6-M-437, 6-M-439, 6-M-455, 6-M-470, 6-M-472, 6-M-479, 6-M-482,  6-M-486, 7-M-805, 
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: -
source / quelle: W++ | A++ | I++

Number. Author Title Year Note Source
MB-351 Marmor. Arnold Boudoir Treachery 1960 PBO W,A
MB-352 Bottari, George L. Untamed Passion 1960 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
MB-353 Marmor. Arnold The Thirteen Sinners 1960 PBO W,A
MB-354 Arnold. Oren Sin Trail 1960 PBO W,A
MB-355 McKnight. Bob Secret Sinners 1960 PBO; reprinted as 'Teasing Nymph' MB-650 W,A
MB-500 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. An Eye For Lust 1960 same as 6-M429 & MB-538 A
MB-501 Knight. Malcolm Kiss Of Death 1960 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
MB-502 Lewis, Jack Hollywood Sinners 1960 PBO
MB-503 Paul. Auren The Love Machine 1960 PBO, same as MB-656 W,A
MB-504 Knight. Malcolm High Priced Blonde 1960 PBO, reprinted as 'Luscious Bed-Partner' MB-657 W,A
MB-505 Marmor. Arnold Seduction Without Choice 1960 PBO / C: Sloan, same as MB-627 W,A
MB-506 Glenn. James Damned! 1960 PBO W,A
MB-507 Connor. Clark Abnormal Lover 1960 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
MB-508 Drake. Damon Seduced! 1960 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
MB-509 Marmor. Arnold Lust Lodge 1960 PBO W,A
MB-510 Cassidy. George The Flesh Market 1961 PBO; reprinted as MB-648 W,A
MB-511 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Victims Of Lust 1961 PBO / C: Sloan; same as MB-538 W,A
MB-512 Hinshaw. Les Warped Desires 1961 PBO; reprinted as 'Unnatural Lust' MB-512 W,A
MB-513 Lauren. Bill Gang Mistress 1961 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
MB-514 Coon. Walter A. House Of Lust 1961 PBO W,A
MB-515 Knight. Malcolm Lady Killer 1961 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
MB-516 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Talented Lover 1961 PBO W,A
MB-517 Zott. Richard J. Forced Seduction 1961 PBO W,A
MB-518 Lauren. Bill Wild Pursuit 1961 PBO W,A
MB-519 Willie. Ennis The Work Of The Devil 1961 PBO W,A
MB-520 Fulton. Jay Perverted Urge 1961 PBO W,A
MB-521 Horn. Allan Thwarted Passions 1961 PBO W,A
MB-522 Shelly. Bruce My Woman 1961 PBO W,A
MB-523 Coulter. Adam Valley Of Lust 1961 PBO W,A
MB-524 Tremont. Victor Surrender To Passion 1961 PBO W,A
MB-525 Jade. George The Devil's Mistress 1961 PBO W,A
MB-526 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Rocco's Babe 1961 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
MB-527 Raczyk. Robert The Magnificent Wench 1961
MB-528 Jade. George Rebel Mistress 1961 PBO W,A
MB-529 Neitzel. Neal Hot-Blooded Blonde 1961 PBO W,A
MB-530 Lauren. Bill Gal Bait 1961 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
MB-531 Marmor, Arnold Hell Cat 1961 PBO, same as B-243 &  BL-299 W,A
MB-532 Jade. George Cunning Wench 1961 A
MB-533 Connor. Clark Strange Woman In My Bed 1961 A
MB-534 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Everything - But Love!  1961 aka 'Fantastic Seducer' or 'Sex With A Smile'; same as 6-M417 & AS-39 W,A
MB-535 Jade, George Bribed Seduction 1961 PBO W,A
MB-536 Drake. Damon Love Cheat 1961 A
MB-537 Coulter. Adam Private Orgy 1961 A
MB-538 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. An Eye For Lust 1961 same as 6-M429 & MB-500
MB-539 Nemec. John Raging Passion 1961 W,A
MB-540 Rubel. James L. Vegas Wenches 1961 PBO W,A
MB-541 Raczyk. Robert Mate Swap 1961 W,A
MB-542 Marmor. Arnold Love Addict 1961 PBO W
MB-543 Lauren. Bill Pleasure Girl 1961 PBO W,A
MB-544 Nemec. John Abnormal Passion 1962 PBO W,A
MB-545 Jade. George Modern Seduction 1962 PBO W,A
MB-546 Walker. Adam Carnal Lust 1962 A
MB-547 Vail. Thomas $ 1000 Nymph 1962 A
MB-548 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Abnormal Assault 1962 PBO W,A
MB-549 Blue. Win Society Orgy W,A
MB-550 Montgomery. Herb The Flesh Peddlers 1962 PBO W,A
MB-551 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Red-Hot Broad 1962 PBO / C: Bonfils W,A
MB-552 Connor. Clark Perverted Affair 1962 PBO W,A
MB-553 Jade. George Teasing Redhead 1962 W,A
MB-554 Lauren. Bill Torrid Love Nest 1962 W,A
MB-555 McGregor. Donald Insatiable Female 1962 A
MB-556 Vail. Thomas Torrid Affair 1962 PBO W,A
MB-557 Vail. Thomas Modern Harem 1962 W,A
MB-558 Lauren. Bill Perverted Lover 1962 A
MB-559 Powers. Tina Magnificent Teaser 1962 A
MB-601 Jade, George Provoked Seduction A
MB-602 Neville. Myles / Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Autobiography Of The Pervert! 1961 PBO [lt. A: Neville. Myles: The Pervert] W,A
MB-603 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Wanton Wench! 1962 PBO W,A
MB-604 Coulter. Adam Abnormal Lust 1962 A
MB-605 Connor, Clark Wicked Wench! 1962 A
MB-606 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Exchange Lovers 1962 A
MB-607 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Willing Wench 1962 A
MB-608 Lauren. Bill Tangled Seduction 1962 PBO W,A
MB-609 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Seductive Nymph 1962 A
MB-610 Montgomery. Herb Vicious Wench 1962 a
MB-611 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Love Me Now! 1962 PBO W,A
MB-612 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Live With Me 1962 PBO W,A
MB-613 Montgomery, Herb Loretta 1962 PBO W,A
MB-614 Lauren. Bill Seductive Playgirl 1962
MB-615 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Thrill Crazy 1962
MB-616 Walters. Hank Take Me! 1962
MB-617 Lauren. Bill Too Much Woman! 1962 PBO W,A
MB-618 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Strange Loves 1962 PBO W,A
MB-619 North. Kevin Bed Tramps 1962 PBO W,A
MB-620 Vail. Thomas Anything For Kicks! 1962
MB-621 Lynn. Valerie Female Seducer 1962 A
MB-622 Stack Ben Perverted Ory 1962 PBO W,A
MB-623 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Forced! 1962 D
MB-624 North. Kevin Sadistic Wench 1962 A
MB-625 Tralins. Bob Nymphokick 1962 A
MB-626 Harvey. Doug Abnormal Wench 1962 PBO W,A
MB-627 Marmor. Arnold Seduction Without Choice 1962 same as MB-505 W,A
MB-628 Glenn. James Damned 1962 A
MB-629 Montgomery. Herb Wild Lovers 1962 A
MB-630 Connor. Clark Torrid Teaser 1962 A
MB-631 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Carnal Rage 1962 PBO W,A
MB-632 Cross. Gene Flaming Flirt 1962 PBO / C: Bonfils W,A
MB-633 Hawker. Frank Orgy Club 1962 D
MB-634 Boyce, Lloyd Carnal Playmate 1962 A
MB-635 Montgomery, Herb Seductive Temptress 1962 W,A
MB-636 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Tropic Of Carla 1962 PBO; same as 7-M-806 W,A
MB-637 Willeford. Charles The Woman Chaser 1962 same as U-137 A
MB-638 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Victims Of Lust 1962 same as MB-511 W,A
MB-639 Marmor. Arnold  Torrid Wenches 1962 A
MB-640 Knight. Malcolm Perverted Nymph 1962 A
MB-641 Drake, Damon Seduced 1962 A
MB-642 Marmor. Arnold Abnormal Desire 1962 W,A
MB-643 Arnold, Oren Ravished Body 1962 W
MB-644 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Time For Loving 1962 W,A
MB-645 Cross. Gene Man-Hungry Babes 1962 W
MB-646 Davis. Duane [Duese] Passion Party 1962 W,A
MB-647 Boyce. Lloyd Carnal Chamer 1962 A
MB-648 Cassidy. George The Flesh Market 1962 same as MB-510 D
MB-649 Bottari. George Love Slave 1962 D
MB-650 McKnight. Bob Teasing Nymph 1962 same as MB-355 {Secret Sinners} D
MB-651 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Eager Women 1963 PBO / C: Bonfils W,A
MB-652 North. Kevin Forbidden Desire 1963 W
MB-653 Harvey. Doug Fierce Passion 1963 W
MB-654 Croos. Gene 3 Man Hungry Women 1963 A
MB-655 Lewis. Jack Nymph Bait 1963 A
MB-656 Paul. Auren Fantastic Orgy 1963 sames as MB-503 W,A
MB-657 Knight. Malcolm Luscious Bed-Partner 1963 formerly as 'High Priced Blonde' MB-504 D
MB-658 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Office Orgy 1963 A
MB-659 [?]. Jack Hungry For Love 1963 A
MB-660 Sandys. Frank She Lived For Kicks 1963 A
MB-661 Willie. Ennis Luscious, Teasing Body!
MB-662 Marmor. Arnold Wanton Affair 1963 W,A
MB-663 Hinshaw. Les Unnatural Lust 1963 formerly as 'Warped Desires' MB-512 D
MB-666 Boyce. Lloyd Driven By Passion 1963 A
MB-668 Willie. Ennis Modern Gigolo 1963 A
MB-669 Coon. Walter A. Unconventional Lovers 1963 A
MB-671 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Uncontrollabel Passion 1963 A
MB-672 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. "I'm All Woman!!" 1963 D
MB-674 Harvey, Doug Wild And Wonderful Seductress 1963 D
MB-675 Willie. Ennis Carnal Love Nest 1963 A
MB-676 Zott, Richard L. Strange Seduction 1963 A
MB-677 Lauren, Bill Thrill Hungry 1963 W,A
MB-678 Willie. Ennis Modern Love 1963 W,A
MB-679 Fulton. Jay Insatiable 1963 W,A
MB-680 Horn, Allan Wanton Desire no date D
MB-681 Shelly. Bruce Seduction Campaign 1963 W,A
MB-682 Willie. Ennis Carnal Madness 1963 PBO W,A
MB-683 Willie. Ennis Scarlet Goddess 1963 W,A
MB-684 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Untamed Female 1963 A
MB-685 Randolph .Mark Untamed Mistress 1963 PBO W,A
MB-686 Coulter. Adam Naked Greed 1963 W,A
MB-687 Tremon. Victor Unconventional Beauty 1963 A
MB-688 Jade, George Possessed Woman 1963 W,A
MB-689 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. The Grateful Mistress 1963 D
MB-690 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Four Abroad 1 Man - 3 Women 1963 A
MB-691 Stock, Ben Wild Passion 1963 A
MB-692 Davis. Duane Female Pursuers 1963 PBO W
MB-693 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Explosive Teaser 1963 PBO W,A
MB-694 Willie. Ennis Twisted Mistress 1963 W,A
MB-695 Raczyk. Robert Street Girl 1963
MB-696 Jade, George Desperate Females 1963 W,A
MB-697 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Overwhelming Desires! 1963 D
MB-698 Boyce, Lloyd [Royce] Invitation To Passion 1963 A
MB-699 Montgomery. Herb Don't Tease Me! 1963 W/A
MB-6100 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Cindy Honey 1963 A
MB-6101 Willie. Ennis Aura Of Sensuality 1963 W,A
MB-6102 Neitzel, Neal Overpassionate Blonde! 1963 D
MB-6103 Lauren. Bill Female Lure 1963 PBO / C: Sloan W,A
6-M-400 [do probably not exist] D
6-M-401 [do probably  not exist] D
6-M-402 [do probably  not exist] D
6-M-403 [do probably  not exist] D
6-M-404 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Too Much Temptation 1963 PBO W
6-M-405 Allyn. Love The Tigress 1963 A
6-M-406 Cassidy. George Assignment: Seduction 1963 PBO / C: Bonfils W,A
6-M-407 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Julie 1963 PBO / C: Bonfils W,A
6-M-408 Willie. Ennis Politician's Playgirl 1963 W,A
6-M-409 Marmor. Arnold The Temptress 1963 W
6-M-410 Jade. George Iresistible 1963 A
6-M-411 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Search For A Lover 1963 A
6-M-412 Randolph. Mark Passionate Plaything 1963 A
6-M-413 Montgomery, Herb Urgent Desire 1963 A
6-M-414 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Sensual Ambition 1963 A
6-M-415 Willie. Ennis So Naked! So Dead!  1963 PBO W,A
6-M-416 Connor, Clark Strange Bed-Mate 1963 A
6-M-417 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Fantastic Seducer 1963 PBO [aka 'Sex With A Smile' or 'Everything But Love'] same as AS-39 & MB-534 W,A
6-M-418 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Eager Female 1963 A
6-M-419 Royce, Lloyd Perverted Drives 1963 PBO W,A
6-M-420 Randolph. Mark Passion Resort 1963 D
6-M-421 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Beware - Woman On The Loose 1963 PBO / C: Bonfils W,A
6-M-422 Willie. Ennis Haven For The Damned 1963 W,A
6-M-423 Jade, George Passionate Playmate 1963 PBO W,A
6-M-424 Drake Demon Lover 1963
6-M-425 Daniels. Mark Spy For Love 1963 D
6-M-426 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Uncontrollable Urge 1963 PBO / C: Bonfils W,A
6-M-427 Lee. Steve A Different Kind Of Thrill 1963 PBO W,A
6-M-428 Coulter. Adam [Koulter] She-Devil 1963 W,A
6-M-429 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Overpowering Desire 1963 PBO / C: Sloan; same as MB-500 & MB-538 W,A
6-M-430 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Passion Contest 1963 PBO / C: Bonfils W,A
6-M-431 Lee. Steve Anything Goes A
6-M-432 Boyce. Lloyd [Royce] Luscious - But Deadly A
6-M-433 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. The Genuine Wanton A
6-M-434 Willie. Ennis Game Of Passion 1964 PBO W,A
6-M-435 Rubel. James L. Ravishung Hussies 1964 A
6-M-436 Raczyk. Robert Willing Playmates 1964 A
6-M-438 Lee, Steve Uninhibited Femals 1964 A
6-M-440 North. Kevin Love-Starved Females no date [1963] D
6-M-441 Willie. Ennis A  New Kind Of Love 1964 W,A
6-M-442 Marmor. Arnold Love Addiction 1964 A
6-M-443 Lauren. Bill Fun Girl 1964 A
6-M-444 Vincent. Jay Sin City 1964 D
6-M-445 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Shocking Desire! 1964 A
6-M-446 Steiger. Brad Bizarre Honeymoon 1964 A
6-M-447 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Shameless! 1964 W
6-M-448 Montgomery. Herb The Procurers 1964 A
6-M-449 Montgomery. Herb Her Different Desires! 1964 D
6-M-450 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Passion Cult 1964 D
6-M-451 Willie. Ennis Sensual Game 1964 PBO W,A
6-M-452 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Jinx Broad 1964 A
6-M-453 Walker. Adam Violent Passions 1964 A
6-M-454 Lemir. Andre Erotic Woman 1964 D
6-M-456 Willie. Ennis Incredibly Seductive 1964 W,A
6-M-457 Lauren. Bill  ... On the Prowl 1964 A
6-M-458 Powers. Tina Thrill-Crazy Tina 1964 D
6-M-459 Conto, Whilley A. The Spy Who Came To Bed 1964 A
6-M-460 Lynn. Valerie Valerie 1964 PBO W,A
6-M-461 Willie. Ennis And Some Were Evil 1964 W
6-M-462 Nemec. John Carnal Cravings 1964 A
6-M-463 Jade. George Modern Mistress 1964 D
6-M-464 Vail. Thomas High Priced Nymph 1964 D
6-M-465 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Bizarre Desires 1964 D
6-M-466 Daniels. Mark The Ultimate Urge 1964 A
6-M-468 Jade. George Body For Hire! s.a. [1964] D
6-M-469 Lauren. Bill Utterly Wanton s.a. [1964] D
6-M-471 Royce, Lloyd Sensual Challenge 1964 D
6-M-473 Harvey, Doug Carnal Hotbed s.a. [1964] D
6-M-474 Connor. Clark Give Her Back To Hell 1964 W,A
6-M-475 Maher, John L. White Satin Wench 1964 PBO W
6-M-476 Wilde, William L. Texas Temptress 1964 D
6-M-477 Royce, Lloyd Expert Seductess 1964 W
6-M-478 Willie. Ennis The Sensualities 1964 W,A
6-M-480 Willie. Ennis Warped Ambitions 1964 W,A
6-M-481 Richmond. Joe The Chaser 1964 W,A
6-M-483 Daniels. Mark Passion Place 1964 A
6-M-484 Willie. Ennis The Case Of The Loaded Garter Holster 1964 W,A
6-M-485 Blue. Win Every Man's Dream s.a. [1964] D
6-M-487 Willie. Ennis Passion Has No Rule Book 1964 W,A
6-M-488 Vail. Thomas Bizarre Harem 1964 W,A
6-M-489 Willie. Ennis Erotic Search 1964 PBO W,A
6-M-490 Steiger. Brad Monsters, Maidens & Mayhem 1964 W,A
6-M-491 Willie. Ennis That Kind Of Woman 1964 W,A
6-M-492 Willie. Ennis Code Of Vengeance 1964 W,A
6-M-493 Willie. Ennis To Live Dangerous 1964 W,A
7-M-800 Rio. Del Rocket Broads 1965 W,A
7-M-801 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Sensual Slave
7-M-802 Lauren, Bill Untamed Playmate B
7-M-803 Nemec. John The Invisible Empire
7-M-804 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Incredible Hunger!
7-M-806 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Tropic Of Carla
same as MB-636 A
7-M-807 Lauren. Bill Down Passion's Road 1965? D
7-M-808 Lee. Ray A Pictorial History Of Hollywood Nudity 1964 W,A
7-M-809 Neville, Myles Mine-All Mine 1964 W
7-M-810 Blake, Steve The Sexperts - Touched By Temptation 1964 PBO, Movie tie-in W,A
7-M-811 Bursteln. A. Joseph Sexual Taboos - And You 1964 W,A
7-M-812 Goff Jr.. Jerry M. Sensual Imposter A
7-M-813 Blake, Steve Sex And The Starlet 1964 W,A
7-M-814 Steiger. Brad Bizarre Beauties 1964 PBO W,A
7-M-815 Smith. Warren / Olson. Eugene The Menance Of Pep Pills A
7-M-816 Steiger. Brad Ghosts, Ghouls And Other Peculiar People 1965 PBO / C: Seltzer W
7-M-817 Steiger. Brad [lt. A: Avallone. Michael] Master Movie Monsters 1965 PBO / C: Seltzer W,A
7-M-818 Steiger. Brad / Mank, Chaw Garbo 1965 D
7-M-819 Henri. Jim The World's Most Sensual Films 1965 PBO / C: Seltzer W,A
7-M-820 Steiger. Brad Sensual Secret Agent 1965 PBO / C: Seltzer W
- Die Tabelle ist durch Anklicken der Felder der Kopfzeile alphanummerisch sortierbar. -















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The checklists in AlTaBu-Datenbank. Reihen/Serien are often not complete. If a book is missing, it is still unknown. The checklists are based on various bibliographic sources or informations from the INTERNET. 
  • A - Unpublished Booklist by Achim von Wiedner
  • B - Badbookers Catalogue (Vers. 2020)
  • D - Informations from a collector
  • W - Jon Warren - Official Price Guide Paperbacks, New York 1991
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