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publisher / verlag:PC - Publishers Consultants / American Art Enterprises
location / ort[South Laguna, CA.]
country / landUSA
years / zeitraum:1980s
volumes / bände:PLL-101 - PLL 156{hkn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen:Sex with animals, pornographic paperback series
source / quelle:INT++

Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
PLL-103 Davidson, Jean Lorna's Four Footed Lover
PLL-104 West, Marian Pam's Pal
PLL-105 Davidson, Jean Betty's Animal Lover
PLL-106 West, Marian Animal Lover's Delights
PLL-107 Donna's Secret
PLL-108 West, Marian Debbie's Pet
PLL-109 Heath, Pam My Canine Lover
PLL-110 Krantz, Helga Heinrichs' Mistress
PLL-111 Animal Loving Females
PLL-112 The Beast Lovers
PLL-113 The Strangest Sex/Animals
PLL-114 Daddy's Loving Doggie
PLL-115 Bradford, E. E. Sex With Animals
PLL-116 Stratman, Carol The Scent of the Beast 1984
PLL-117 Baron, Jerry Divorcees & Animals
PLL-118 Kent, Herb Cum-On Surprise
PLL-119 Reedley, B. R. Divorcees Who Prefer Animals
PLL-120 Morales, Mando Human-Animal Sex In South America
PLL-121 Sorenson, Ralph Human-Animal Sex Incidents
PLL-122 Welton, Carol Carol's Strange Choice
PLL-123 Farnum, Brad Teenagers' Love For Animals
PLL-124 Rogers, E. V. Girls & Animals
PLL-125 Morrison, Franchon Sex With Animals
PLL-126 Ernest, Linda Melinda's Animal Lovers
PLL-127 Bradford, Angie Canine Ecstasy
PLL-129 Ogden, Steve Women Animal Acts
PLL-130 Fallon, Jessie My Four Legged Lover
PLL-131 Grant, Ralph Joyce's Strange Bedmates
PLL-132 Lund, Carole My Pet Love
PLL-133 Kagin, Lou Gloria's Lust For Dogs
PLL-134 Didion, Joseph Animal Loving Swedes
PLL-135 Kagen, Luisa Young Girls Who Seduce Animals
PLL-136 Didion, Joseph Animal Sex Mates
PLL-137 Kagen, Luisa Animal Love And The Rich
PLL-138 Didion, Joseph Animal Ordeals
PLL-139 Kagen, Luisa Lorna's Loving Canine
PLL-141 Kagen, Luisa Carol's Canine Love
PLL-142 Wheeler, Francis Females Animal Lust
PLL-143 Kagen, Luisa Canine Sex - The Best
PLL-144 Bidion, Joseph Sexed By Their Pets
PLL-146 Bidion, Joseph Co-Ed's Loving Dogs
PLL-147 Kagin, Luisa Cindy's 'Pet' Stud
PLL-148 Kent, Carol Pamela's New Love
PLL-150 Bidion, Joseph Lusty Animal Love
PLL-156 Beverly's Inner Urges
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