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New Library Books

New Library Books

publisher / verlag: Zil Inc., Woodside, NY
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: ca. 1967
volumes / bände: 13 (?) - (NL 326 - NL 338 {hkn})
authors / verfasser: various / verschiedene
notes / notizen: Sachbücher (Case Studies) zum Thema Sex / Erotik - jeweils ca. 160 S. - Band 336 ist derzeit noch unbekannt.

Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
NL 326 Pawlowsky, Roger The Punishment Seekers
("A searching look at the sordid world of the Pain worshippers." Chapters include The Nature of Masochism, The Father of Masochism, Masochism in Man, Masochism in Woman, Sadism and Masochism, Religious Masochism,) 
NL 327 Siegel, Sandor Sex in Prison
(Men and women who discover for the first time, the full unexplored truth about sex life in prison ...)
NL 328 Simmons, Val The Trading Game
(All the male-swappers looking for fulfillment by means of abnormal relationships?)
NL 329 Kornfeld, Robert The Young Cats
("Some girls are born to be chaste. But some girls cannot evade the traps of their destiny, and force themselves into the world's oldest profession.")
NL 330 Friedman, Maurice Homosexual Incest
("Case histories" documenting the secret sex relations between)
NL 331 Nacour, Emile The Sex Criminal
(Some Common Offenders - The Exhibitionist - The Peeping Tom - The Homosexual - The Lesbian - Bestiality - The Necrophiliac - The Incest Offender)
NL 332 Edler, Arthur The Virgin Girl
("Authentic case histories reveal for the first time the traumatic experience of defloration." )
NL 333 Siegel, Sandor Erotica in Exurbia
("Here is the shcoking history of people who live in suburbia and do many thing than others don''t - case studies of suburbanites and their luxurious living in a ghetto at the other end of society.'') 
NL 334 Siegel, Sandor Cunnilingus, Fellatio, Sodomy 1967
NL 335 Mac Dordonan, Miles. M.D. My Husband Was a Woman
("They live in a different world, and follow a different law. Theirs is a world wthout men. Yet, violence is the undercurrent that nourishes their twisted passions!") 
NL 336
NL 337 Harris, John Country Boy
(An amazing story portraying the traumatic experiences of the homosexual male.")
NL 338 Kuster, Al Self Service Sex
(A complete new study on the subject of male and female auto-eroticism)
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