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White Squaw

publisher / verlag: Zebra Books
country / land USA
years / zeitraum: 1983 - 1992
volumes / bände: 24 (1-24)
authors / verfasser: E. J. Hunter
notes / notizen: Adult Western Paperbacks. - "The series centers around a young woman named Rebecca Caldwell who was traded to the Sioux Indians at 14 by her evil uncles and their outlaw gang. She has escaped and is now seeking revenge on them for what was done to her.
It is a graphically sexual, graphically violent adventure, as is every book in the series. This is not a book for minors, but if you enjoy a good western, it might be what you want.
This book and this series are not for everyone. However, if you like westerns, sex and violence in heaping helpings, you'll like the "White Squaw" series." (from an review at


Nummer Autor Titel Jahr
001 Hunter, E. J. Sioux Wildfire 1983
002 Hunter, E. J. Boomtown Bust 1983
003 Hunter, E. J. Virgin Territory 1984
004 Hunter, E. J. Hot Texas Tail 1984
005 Hunter, E. J. Buckskin Bombshell 1984
006 Hunter, E. J. Dakota Squeeze 1984
007 Hunter, E. J. Abilene Tight Spot 1985
008 Hunter, E. J. Horn of Plenty 1985
009 Hunter, E. J. Twin Peaks or Bust 1986
010 Hunter, E. J. Solid As a Rock 1986
011 Hunter, E. J. Hod-Handed Heathen 1986
012 Hunter, E. J. Ball and Chain 1986
013 Hunter, E. J. Track Tramp 1987
014 Hunter, E. J. Red Tod Tramp 1987
015 Hunter, E. J. Here Comes the Bride 1987
016 Hunter, E. J. Redskin Rosebud 1988
017 Hunter, E. J. Bullwhipped Beauty 1988
018 Hunter, E. J. Hot Pursuit 1989
019 Hunter, E. J. Badman's Climax 1989
020 Hunter, E. J. Bareback Beauty 1990
021 Hunter, E. J. Arizona Laydown 1990
022 Hunter, E. J. Desert Climx 1991
023 Hunter, E. J. Comanche Come Down 1991
024 Hunter, E. J. Rough and Ready 1992
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